It's been my husbands birthday week....and I did my best to bring in this milestone with a few surprises!  His daughter flew in from Boulder to help us make dinner special along with his son [who lives here].

We were trying to remember when all 4 of us had been together and I have to say it has been a while.

When I was in Highpoint I saw so many new products and one that stuck out was a new wallpaper book from Thibaut/Anna French called Palampore.....along with coordinating fabrics.

I was smitten.  I wasn't out yet but just recently I was at ADAC and there it was!

Let's start with the neutrals.....

You love?

Moving to some more color....

I am loving these pattern on pattern......

I want to use all of it somewhere!

A few more wallpaper samples....

So have you thought of a place you want to use some of this product?  Which is your favorite?

Does everybody have big plans for summer?  After flipping many homes in Boulder my stepdaughter and her husband finally bought one for themselves!

Of course it's game on for them to get it decorated and order new furniture so I will be making a quick trip out there to stage the one they are doing now and figure out what they want!

Exciting times....and with 2 showhouses to load in back to back in late July and early August I will be looking for some sympathy around here:)




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