More Fake Planks In Our Dining Room

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Remember when I added fake planks to my bedroom wall using a level and a pencil? 
(See that post HERE

Well I love the look so much that I decided to add fake planks to our dining room wall as well.

But I did something different this time.  Instead of using a pencil to make my lines, I used a black colored pencil.  Before, I had to go over the lines with a matte polycrylic sealer to protect the lines from smearing, but because a colored pencil has wax in it, it doesn't really smear that much and so there was no need for the sealer. 

However, if the lines were to get wet they would smear. So if you are planning to do this in a kitchen or a bathroom, or if you are someone who washes your walls, then you will want to add a polycrilic sealer over the pencil lines. I can't imagine my walls getting wet here in our dining room, so I skipped sealing it.

Also, the lines could possibly be done with a permanent marker as well and then you wouldn't need a sealer, but I haven't tried it yet because I feel that  the lines would come out darker than I want.  But if you do try this with a marker, I would love to know how it turned out in a comment below ;) 

Other than the colored pencil, I pretty much did my fake planks the same way as before.
I first measured my wall to figure out how many inches to space my lines.  For example: my wall is 50 inches tall so I was able to make my lines every 5 inches to get my planks all the same size.

I used a ruler to make a mark on the wall every 5 inches. Then using my colored pencil and a level, I made my lines across the wall.  I made my lines heavier in some areas, lighter in others to create the illusion of spaces that you would typically get with wood planks. 

The lines are actually quite subtle but they adds so much more character to the wall than before. I'm even debating on doing this to the rest of the walls in our living areas because I love the look of it so much.  Also, in case you are interested, the color on our walls is called, Subway Tile by Valspar. Oh and I should also mention, once my lines were finished, I cleaned up the walls a bit with paint to give it a fresh, clean look. The level made a lot of scuffs that I just painted over.

And then before I rehung the mirror, I gave it a quick run with my mouse sander to give it a distressed look. The mirror now stands out on the wall a little more than it did before.

I've also simplified the dishes in my corner hutches a bit. 

I had colorful bottles and seashells in the hutches before, and now they just hold some pretty white dishes and a few metal tins.

My collection of small mix-matched plates keeps growing, so it's fun to see them all stacked up on the shelf.

I love to decorate with collections, I also find myself collecting picnic baskets. I have a few of them that I've painted white on my antique butcher block table.

Our dining room use to be one of my least favorite rooms in our house, but after painting the chandelier, the table, and now the fake planks, I'm starting to like it a whole lot more.

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Good morning!  

Yesterday I was on a panel at Americas Mart talking about social media.  Like I'm an expert or something:)

Which clearly I am not but I sure had fun!

I got a chance to wear my new jewelry from Scott's and the most comfy shoes on the planet.

My team and moderator Betsy Riley [editor in chief of Atlanta Magazine].  I was kind of glad to be at the end because by the time the question got to me it had already been answered and I got to give a short smarty pants answer that made no sense.

I have a reputation to keep right.....head back.....hearty laugh.

Anyway...enough about me.

I am working on a new project which includes 2 bathrooms, living room and master bedroom.

The bedroom has a small foyer that is begging for a party with some big changes  you will come around the corner and stop in awe....haha.

First up is to remove the wallpaper and then I want to add some moulding to the doors.....something like these below.

With some pretty hardware by Emtek.

Now I guess you want to know what the wallpaper is going to be?

This gorgeous Thibaut paper which is the softest blueish gray....

For the ceiling I want to add crown moulding plus take out these can lights and replace with something pretty. 

All from Circa Lighting.

Are you feeling it?

On this wall I will add a beautiful mirror!

This one from Mirror Image Home is a favorite.

The bedroom is huge!  enough space for a sitting area and a chaise lounge over by a beautiful view.

More on that later!

But here is the tentative plan....

Very classic traditional!  I am trying to channel my inner Phoebe Howard......

I'm pumped about this one.....

Can you believe it's Friday? Big plans for the weekend?
Cami is still sleepy



Denim Sofa Love

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I believe I have wanted a denim sofa ever since I saw this image from a Pottery Barn catalog many many years ago. Do you remember it? Even though this is from perhaps almost a decade ago, the look is still modern and cool today. I think denim is such a classic textile that will never go out of style.

Here are a few more denim sofas  that have me convinced I need one too.

Pottery Barn

As you may know,  I have the white Ikea Ektorp sofa, and at one time Ikea carried a denim slipcover for it. However, I didn't get to it in time and it's now been discontinued. But resourceful me has another idea up my sleeve....

One day I will have a denim sofa too :)

Stay tuned!


Lady Baker's Tea

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Hello everyone,

It is time to enjoy an afternoon
tea in the garden.
      Today tea is served here in Martha's Garden,
our little enclosed garden.

                                                       Earlier this summer Katherine from
                                                       Lady Baker's Tea did a photoshoot
                                                       in our garden. You can check out
                                                       her blog here to find out more about
                                                       her delicious looseleaf teas lemon curd etc.
                                                           Shannon and Shane are enjoying the tea.
                                                           You will see more of Shane on Lady Bakers
                                                            Tea blog.

It tasted just as good as it looks.
I am a big fan of scones,lemon curd
and clotted cream....what about you?

                                                   I hope you too take time to enjoy
                                                              a lovely afternoon tea.
                                                                 If you are at the Farmer's Market
                                                              in Charlottetown be sure to check out
                                                              Lady Baker's Tea.

                                                                              Thank you for visiting!


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Last week was chock full of events.....I had a small office bookcase install and it was raining that day.

I walked out the front door..... carrying my bags of accessories headed down the front yard [wearing flip flops]....first mistake....and because the ground was wet and a little muddy [at the edge between the yard and driveway] I slipped....went down hard and heard the sound of broken glass.

Really?  Yeah....lost a few things in that fall....had to go in change pants and wash my feet.

Start over.  

I did manage to go to Scott's for a few hours on Friday so there's that bit of good news.

Let's discuss the good things I saw starting with these pretty rugs.

I stared  long and hard at this beautiful neutral beauty!

This guy is also over on Miami Circle [Art Rugs of Persia]

I wanted to meet the artist Scott Kerr but he personally couldn't make it this month.  I was glad to finally get a chance to see more of his art since I bought a large piece for a project [on Instagram!]. 

Can't wait till it arrives and is hung!

From across the room I spied all of this black and white goodness and I mowed people down to get over there.....

I've always said if there was a Starbucks at Scott's....and then I walked around a corner and saw this...

Finally....but of course it was after I had put some bad cafeteria food down my belly along with some crappy coffee.

And what is a Scott's blog post with out a few pillows right!

Both Lori and I found this pillow combo yummy!

A couple of cute vintage chairs

Just some pretty stuff.....

Mudcloth fabric for days....

And below this is what I purchased because I definitely need more black and white:)


It's a new week.....and a new project which I am working hard at....[more on that later]

This is what I am doing on Thursday!

Which reminds me I need to get my act together:)

I am still so happy that my little Cami is healthy and for some reason with so much going on lately I took 2 weeks off from working out [never happens]

After going to Orange Theory yesterday my arms are so sore the only thing I can move are my fingers to type....hahaha.