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Well another week in the books.....just have to get through today and it's smooth sailing into the weekend.

We had a rainy day yesterday which is always fun when I am going in and out of my car....I just gave up trying to stay dry and decided to look wet and pathetic.....a look I can carry off pretty well:)

I am sure this isn't news to anyone but Amber Lewis just dropped her collection for Anthropologie.  I thought I would share with the few people who are scratching their heads going....."who?"

Amber is based in California and I feel confident to say that she pretty much invented that casual....hip...not too decorated style.

I am pretty sure she started blogging around the same time I did....and she has a huge following with a book coming out in October.

She is also known for her use of vintage rugs in a space....which always help to ground a space.

She is also known for white walls so we are connected in that way.....cause so am I.  

Here are a few pieces from her collection....

Some pretty rugs.....

Also some of her great pillows.....

Love the mirror below!

Let's see what went on this week......

This outfit was a hit on Instagram....

I knew this maidenhair fern wouldn't make it...I think this is a record....a little over a month.

One of my favorite fixtures from Currey was getting installed last night so I only got a picture of one of them as I had to go home and feed Cami:)

And even though she had already had her dinner....she likes to visit with me when I am having mine....hehe.

So....the soon to be ex is taking me back to mediation at the end of the month. would think that all of this would be over by now but dang....

I think a year is long enough so let's keep our fingers crossed please.

Enjoy the weekend like you are getting paid for it:)



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I was down in Bluffton for my nephews engagement party last weekend and I was sitting on the couch with my sister on Saturday......she looked at me and said did you post yesterday [Friday]?  I looked at her....and I cocked my head...."uh no....I completely forgot"

Yikes.  I think my brain just got so relaxed all bets are off when it came to any responsibility.  The first night we were there I slept 12 hours.

But....nothing like spending time with family right?

I have some installs coming up so I have been in a "pillow fog" trying to decide which direction to go.

I never like to go with my first inclination....because it is usually predictable.

That is the case with this space at Madison.  We ordered a new sectional for the TV room and we are working with a very colorful rug.

So if you are thinking of pillows with red and blue in them then just wipe that slate clean.  

Nope.  There is already enough color in the rug so we don't need any more.

I will go with neutrals....adding texture.  After a massive search for the coffee table and a console under the TV.....I have a few more things to secure before I go down there to install!

But while I was pillow searching I thought I would share some of my finds with you.  I can be generous like that:)

I put some combinations together....I repeated some just to show you that how to use a single pillow in a couple of combinations.  I's not rocket science!

Here are a few that I am considering for the sectional....I might throw in a blue one:)

Alrighty to workout....walk Camilita and meet the kitchen designer for my sisters she can stop bugging me....haha.  She did not like that I threw her under the bus last week!


My Fall Entryway and How to Get Designer's Help for Sprucing up your Home

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When it comes to decorating your home, Do you ever feel stuck?

If so, then just know that you are not alone, even I struggle at times. Creating that perfect amount of ambience isn't always easy. 

But with a little designer's help and a few new things you can easily bring  your  home to life, and that is just what I did to create this very welcoming fall entryway here at The Wicker House.

This area in our home isn't necessarily considered an entryway, but it's the first thing you see when entering our home and so I always like to create a welcoming feeling that celebrates the changing seasons. 

However, I have to admit, I've been feeling a little bit uninspired lately. With everything going on in the world right now, I really felt like I needed a little extra help to cheer up our home this fall season. 

And so that is why I'm so happy to have learned about this amazing company called, 
To Be Decorated has creative designers that help you tie your spaces together. 
They sell carefully curated boxes for the home and garden (these boxes would also make a super nice gift for someone special) and they also sell stylish textiles, accessories, artwork, candles, and so much more that can be purchased separately, which is what I did to bring a fall touch into our home. 
You can even send a request to To Be Decorated and they will design a box to fit your needs.

I browsed through the To Be Decorated website and picked out a few things that looked like fall to me.
I was focusing on bringing in some warm fall tones into our home.
When my packaged arrived it just lifted my spirits as soon as I opened it up. Along with all of the cute new decor, I also received a card with a list of really helpful designer tips and tricks to incorporate the new decor into our home.

So the first item that I picked out was This Canyon Striped Pillow. 
At first, I was drawn to it for the beautiful red-orange colored stripes on it, but once I saw the pillow in person I was even more in love with it. This pillow is made in a polyester and it has an incredible rustic texture to it.

I have the pillow sitting on an old white bench and I just love the way that small bit of red-orange color really pops out next to all of my neutrals.

I also threw in a chunky knit blanket to create a cozy spot to sit down. Fall is a great time to add in extra blankets to your decor.

The second item that I picked out from To Be Decorated was This Striped Chindi Fringe Rug.
This rug is just the perfect fall rug. The colors are so rustic and warm and it also adds a lot of texture to this space. 

And then the third thing I got from To be Decorated is this Pumpkin Spice Candle.
You simply Can Not start the Fall Season off right Without burning a Pumpkin Spice Candle. Don't you agree?  Burning a pumpkin scented candle is probably the quickest way to fill your home up with fall spirit.

This Hello Gourdgeous Candle  Says it Smells like A boozy Pumpkin Hot Cocoa So Good You May Lick The Jar :) So Cute! And it really does smells so good. It's actually my two teen boys that keep it lit at our house because they also love the smell of it.

I got some adorable 'Cheers' Matches to go along with the candle. I like keeping matches next to a candle for accessibility, and this match box is cute enough to leave out in sight.  

I placed the candle and matches on an old stone dish that sits on top of my antique bakers rack shelf.
I also hung some old sepia tone scenic prints that I found a few years ago at a yard sale.

I use this bakers rack shelf to hold some of my white dishes and pitchers. These are dishes that we don't use very often and so this seems to be a great place for them in our home.

I wanted to add more Fall decor to this space and so I brought in a tree branch  from outside. These leaves are just starting to turn a brown color but soon I should have some really pretty bright orange branches from our yard that I can replace these ones with. 

I just stuck the branch inside of a large straw bag that's hanging on a coat hook. The branch is a little bit on the wild side, but I like it.

So now when I walk into our home I immediately feel that warm, cozy, fall feeling.
Thanks to the help of To Be Decorated.
If you need a little inspiration as well, then be sure to check out To Be Decorated because I know that they will be happy to help you out too.

What ways are you adding touches of Fall into your home?
Let me know in a comment below, or come chat with me on Instagram or Facebook.
And if you like today's post, Please give it a Pin it on Pinterest.

Thanks for stopping by,



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Hola was your weekend?  Mine was good....hung with my sisters a little on Saturday.  I am renovating my sisters kitchen and she has become a nightmare client all of the sudden.  At least 2x's a week she calls and leaves a message...."any news on the kitchen?".  Yeah.....I might strangle her before it is all over:)

Yesterday morning I was happily drinking my coffee when I heard a loud knocking at the door....startling as a matter of fact.

I look up to see the police and after answering the door found out that my car was broken into overnight.

Geez.....what next a pandemic?  Oh wait we are already going through that.  

Apparently they hit 6 cars and the police were going around alerting people.  They only got some change but for me it is the cost of the window and then the mechanism that operates the window.  Total 545.00

The hits just keep on coming....

Let's see....what else?  Well if you saw on Instagram I cleaned out my basement and garage with my sister.  After we got it all out she looked at me and said...."now do you want to put all this stuff back in?"

I really didn't but I was frozen.....meanwhile she was calling 1-800-got-junk and they were there in 15 minutes....on a Sunday.

She prodded me gently until I said OK....take it all.

I mean.....I could have sold some of it but I am already overwhelmed in life so sometimes you gotta make the tough decisions.

OK...enough about my life....let's look at some project updates.

One of my fav Currey and Co light fixtures!

Fun black and white bathroom....

This entrance!

Kitchen happening!

And this powder bath vanity....

The other project.....Great Circa Lighting fixture hanging in the family room.....

This kitchen....with SW Mindful Gray cabinets will have a nice backsplash with some pretty sconces!

The porch got this great the finish.  Boy fans have come a long way right!

I was over at Jenn Balcos much do you love this sculpture?

My friend Windell Dobson's art.

And he gifted me this little cutie pie for my gallery wall....

There are some good people in the world.

This beautiful wallpaper book!

I went to Scott's with my friend Rose and picked up the antique andirons for the Madison project.....

Cami says "Mom hang in there....I got you".

Y'all....maybe life has always been hard but I am thinking my small background of sadness wasn't there for me....perhaps that magnifies the difficult moments of late.

No biggie.....this will all pass.  Life just keeps moving forward.  

For us all....we are weary but strong.