Cheerful Yellow

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Hello everyone,

I am hoping to spread a little
bit of cheerful yellow here

I think we all need a break
from the grim news we keep hearing.

I am so looking forward to some
color in our garden.

I see new growth everyday in
the garden and while the
daffodils are poking up
it will be a few weeks
before we have a big display.

A sunny yellow porch

Barrels of pretty tulips

A cheerful quilt and some
spring daffodils.

A coffecake with a pretty

A little yellow teacup
with a beautiful rose.

My yellow bird magnolia

Love the little yellow finches in
the garden.

Antique china with a beautiful
bouquet of yellow roses from
our garden.

The snow is going here and the birds
are returning to the garden. I can't wait
to get out to the garden and start getting
it  ready for the season once again. 

Thank you for visitng and please
take care!


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Man....every week/day there is so much change....these are crazy times and I feel like I am in a science fiction movie.  We just got the message here in Georgia to shelter in place starting today at 6 pm so that has put the skids on all of us....

Every time I feel sorry for myself I think of all those New Yorkers that don't have a back yard....and can't go out to the really puts it in perspective.

I have some updates of the Ladisic Fine Homes project that I have been checking on after hours when empty.

It's coming along nicely and it's fun to see so many of the things that were picked out many months ago come to life!  Hopefully you realize that I am posting things just to entertain...what is actually happening in life is real and I get it.

This bathroom is a favorite....

This is the graphic floor....

And the hardware....

The master bath is coming along....


The first picture is the upstairs laundry....followed by the main level laundry.

This paneling will be painted with 2 sconces above it!

I love this inexpensive tile floor.....

This is the door hardware....

This bathroom has a tile wall feature which has  mirror space built in. 

And hubba hubba....these doors leading into the master bedroom.

The ceiling of the MBR

The lighting is going in this stay tuned for after hours shots....meaning the job site is shut down for the day.

I am trying to stay focused....still getting up at the same time....making the bed....walk Cami....take a shower and get dressed!  I have been doing some work outs and my goal every day to record at least 7 miles or more on my Apple Watch.

An old friend of mine from my flying days sent me this! Probably circa 1974

And when I feel myself start to complain to friends....

I think of this and it's easy to shake off right? 

So I leave you for the weekend. 

If you can...get outside in your yard....stretch.....feel hope....reach out to friends even when you want to just shut down. Try to laugh at's so good for the soul.

Check in with me....because I really do care.

Sheriky Freaky


Our Garden Lilacs

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Hello everyone,

I have been doing some garden
dreaming here lately while I
wait for the garden to return.
I hope you will enjoy dreaming
along with me..

The above lilac is called Sensation
and it is one of my favorites.

Lilac season is one of my favorite times
in the garden especially as  some of
their blooms overlap with the peony

A basket of beautiful lilacs.

I love big bouquets of fragrant lilacs.

We have lots of different varieties
of lilacs  in different colors.

My kitchen sink full of lilacs

Some years my lilacs bloom better
then others...... last year was a good
year for  blooms.

I had a lilac theme going on here on
our screened porch. I love
the very old handmade quilt
on the old iron bed.

I always enjoy making collages.

It seems like our time of isolating is
going to continue for a least several
more weeks so our garden will be
our safe haven this spring/summer
for sure. Now, if the weather would
just co operate so we can get out there
and enjoy digging in the dirt again!

Stay safe and stay well!


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You guys....I love hearing about what you have been up to!  Thank you for taking the time to write......someone asked me if I ever reply to comments and if you can tell me how....I would be happy to do that:)

In between taking Cami for 5 walks a day I am trying to get work done and clean out an occasional drawer or 2 in my kitchen.  The pollen here in Atlanta is brutal and every surface in my house has a layer of yellow on it.  

I am deep into season 3 of Ozark....and I have to say it is a "dark" season.  You know Jason Bateman has that quirky sense of humor....but nobody is laughing as of yet.....

I'm looking forward to June....because that is when I am hoping things might turn around....thinking positive!

And if that's the case then I am going to show you some wallpapers I stumbled across so when it's time to unleash all of the pent up might be to slap up some paper!

These can be found here ....and here

This is one I really liked....found here

 I love anything with birds in it....these can be found here

And I love all three of these.....found here

I love the colors in this one found here

And of course these crosses.....found here

This one is really good.....

And I love this modern print found here

How cool are these stars found here

And for a nursery....this neutral print found here

I think this could be good in a small powder room....found here

Most all of these are from York Wallpaper.....and I gotta tell you they have some good ones. 

So listen I can't just leave you with a bunch of wallpaper samples....

Here are some pictures from my iphone of what I have been up to....

The sky was incredible the other gave me hope.

I donated some fabrics for mask......

This made me laugh out loud:)

And this one rang true to me.....

My wish for all of you is to stay safe.....and remember this...."hope" hasn't been cancelled.....