A Beautiful Winter Beach Day

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                                                                         Happy Weekend!

                                                     We are having some very spring like days
                                                     here lately so my husband and I decided
                                                     to take an afternoon off and go to the beach.

             Now, you might think you can't enjoy the beach
         when there is still snow on the ground but we
totally enjoyed ourselves.
            You could really feel the heat from the sun and
even hear the melting snow.

                                                               So peaceful....you can see it was very
                                                               calm as there is a perfect reflection on
                                                               the water.

                                                                          Melting snow & ice.

        This is a south shore beach on
Prince Edward Island.

                                                                  A cup of tea made it a perfect
                                                                  place to relax and drink in the view
                                                                  as well as the tea.

                                           Some of you might remember seeing an
                                                      autumn shot or two of this beautiful view
                                                      a few months ago ~ click here to see that post.

                                                              We enjoyed our winter beach day so much
                                                               we went back again the next day as it was
                                                               another calm and sunny mild day.

                                                                              Enjoy your weekend!


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Salvaged Wood Coat Rack

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I recently shared our basement makeover reveal, did you happen to see it?
If not, be sure to catch it HERE, It's a pretty great Before and After if I don't mind saying myself.
In that reveal I shared this coat rack that I made out of some salvaged wood and today I wanted to share a little more about it.

 This coat rack began with a little white peg board that I picked up at a Fancy Farmgirls Sale that is local here in Idaho. I actually picked up quite a bit of goodies at that sale as you can see from this next picture. I'm sure you've notice a few of these things from around our home, like the hanging planter, that is a show stopper in our sunroom. 

I needed some hooks by our back entryway so that my boys would have a place to hang up their coats and backpacks when they came home from school, but this little peg board wasn't gonna cut it with only 4 pegs.  So I had to get creative.  I went out to our garage to see what I could find.  I even checked out what was hanging up in the rafters and that's when I discovered these two green painted salvaged boards. I loved them just the way they were.  Half green, half white, raw wood exposed with nicks and holes everywhere.  They were perfect! Although, I did have to saw them down to the same size as the white peg board.

 I picked up some extra hooks from the hardware store. These are inexpensive and come two to a package.

I spaced the hooks out to go in-between the pegs.

Then I drilled them in.  

I also picked up two metal brackets from the hardware store to attach the three boards together.

I screwed the brackets to each end of the new coat rack.

I think the new coat rack turned out really cool! 
If you happen to have a simple peg board like this and are in need of a few extra hooks, this is something that you could create as well.  You might not have the perfect chippy green salvaged boards to use, but I'm sure with any boards the right length and some paint you could create something similar and just as cool.

I was originally going to hang this coat rack up by the back door, but because it turned out to be a little on the heavy side and I wasn't able to find any studs in that wall, I decided to move it to our basement instead.

This actually is the better place for it anyway.  My boys come home from school now and immediately come down stairs to hang up their coats and backpacks and hang out in their favorite after school spot.

Again, if you missed out basement reveal, you can see the rest of the room HERE.

Thank you for stopping by today.



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Whoa boy.....did my farewell to gray create some drama!  Let me set the record straight....I am not the "gray police" and I won't be knocking on your door to make sure you have retired this iconic color.  

Here's another shocker for you..... I am not the authority on color trends either!  Fact.

So I'm going to do something unheard of.....and that is..... let you make your own decisions on paint color choices!  Yep....I can be impartial like that.  

It's a gift:)

BUT.....I will say this.  Gray and ivory/beige can play together nicely.

As I saw in one of my favorite consignment stores in Atlanta called Swoox.  

It's the kind of store where you drop off things you want to sell and they curate it so perfectly that you want to take it back home!

In other news my good friend Jennifer's gorgeous home is in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles this month......

This beautiful ivory room!  

She is the queen of mixing high and low for sure! Many times I have asked her where she got something and she will say "Target"!

In other news [after about 3 tries] the finish on these cabinets were finally approved.  So hard to get an idea in your head moved to reality right?

Coming together at a snails pace.....

 At the same house we got some black and white photographs hung in the foyer. 

And these chairs at the foot of the bed got some pillows.....

On Saturday I am headed back up to Madison so hopefully I will have some good shots for you on Tuesday!

Last time we were there the furniture got rearranged....

I'll be hanging some cream linen panels on the existing rods.
Original leather sofa.....

This one is definitely "design in a dime":)  Which makes it so much fun!

Weekends are for merrymaking and today in Atlanta it's going to be 77!


Life is Better at the Beach! New Beach Decor in our Kitchen

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Only five more weeks until our Beach Vacation!!! 
Can you tell I'm excited?  Our family has rented a little beach house in northern California for Spring break.  We will be exploring the beaches of  northern California and southern Oregon Coast and we will also be checking out the beautiful Redwood forest.  I Cannot wait!

I am a beach girl and there is no where else I'd rather be than the beach,
Because Life is just better at the Beach!

Do you agree?
So I know you have heard me talk about Pavilion Gift before.  They are a really neat company that specializes in personalized gifts. They have something unique for everyone and for every occasion.  Pavilion Gift carries a line called, We People, that I just can't get enough of. I'm sure you've seen some of the other Beach People and Camp People items that I've shared from them before.  This line comes in football, lake, mountain, farm, wine, river, hunting, beer, along with so many other people. They sell everything from coffee mugs and baseball hats, to home decor like picture frames and this new candle holder that Pavilion Gift just sent to me. 

On one side it reads, "Life is better at the beach",

And on the other side, it has their beach people logo.
I love the bright blue color on the sides and white on top, all with a distressed finish. 

I placed my new candle holder right next to our kitchen sink.  I love to light candles and try to relax as I do the dishes, it makes the annoying task of washing dishes a little more enjoyable. 

Every time I look at it, it reminds me of our beach vacation that we are looking forward to and so it automatically brings a big smile to my face.

This candle also comes in 'camp people' and 'lake people' and it's only $10.00 so it makes for a really great gift to give to someone too.

And it looks really fun all lit up at night.

You can find this candle holder HERE if you are interested.
Also be sure to check out the rest of the We People line, as well as everything else Pavilion Gift has to offer. You will be sure to  find something great, either for yourself or a gift for someone else.

Okay, Now take me to the beach! 

Thanks for stopping by,


Tea in the Sunroom

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Hello everyone,

I hope your week is going well.
It was a beautiful sunny day so
a perfect day to have tea in the sunroom.

The sunroom has a cupboard
full of pink and white china.

                                                                  It is warm and sunny
                                                                  in here.

                                                       I am looking forward to my geraniums
                                                        blooming again after wintering in
                                                        the basement.I am slowly starting to
                                                        take them up for more light and heat.


My old cupboard holds a mix
of  vintage china with a few
new ones mixed in.
I probably should be purging
some of my china .....but that seems 
to be hard for me! Do you have
a china addiction too?

Vintage china with a few
new pieces mixed in.

                                                         Thank you for visiting me
                                                                    in our little sunroom today.

                                                                                   Take care,

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