Laundry Day

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Hello everyone,

I hope your week is going well.

Today, my post is a little bit different,
as I would like to share  a newer
product with you that I feel is more
earth friendly.

For sometime now I have been
bothered by the laundry detergent
isle at the grocery store.
The chemical odor and all those
big plastic bottles really 
bother me.

So, I was happy to find this product
advertised somewhere, and on
looking into it I sent for a
years supply of the
unscented ones and it
all came in one small
cardboard box!

I love this product Tru Earth and have
recommended it to my family
and friends.
Now,in case you are wondering
this is not a sponsored ad
and I am not paid in any way....
I just think this is a way to help
care for the environment.


So, I hope some of you will look into this
and someday maybe we can get rid of
that long isle of  bottled chemicals.

Thank you for listening.!

Take care,

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I told someone the other day that I need a boss.  Yep.... someone to keep me on task and tell me what to do next.  I am just that person.....I don't want to think about that part.

But if you give me a job I can do it.  AND.....I want to hire someone to do the parts of my job that I don't want to floor plans.  Any takers :)

If you are my boss be prepared to micro manage me and check in frequently because I am easily distracted.  While you may think I am on task.....I could have easily strayed and started petting Cami or scrolling Instagram.

How I get anything done is beyond me.  

**sidenote [this post might be late getting out as I got distracted this morning staring into space]

Anyway I took a couple of days and went to the Mart.  Boy it is like a ghost town.....reminds me of the empty halls during the recession.  I tried to order stuff and everything is backordered.  Covid has definitely slowed down all the factories and furniture is now taking 10-12 weeks!  If this pandemic has taught us anything it is definitely patience.

I ordered 2 of these to flank a fireplace and of course I might be retired when they arrive:)

And I picked up this cute vintage rug to make a lumbar pillow for a client!

Which reminds me of this pink bathroom I saw....this color!

I think I told you that my client painted the DR black and then I found this great white table at a consignment shop!  This space  is coming along.....needing curtains and a rug.

And this wallpaper went up.  Totally smitten with it.  The mirror is from Serena and Lily and the vanity came from Wayfair!

I found an old picture of the office.....shocking when you see the after.

Whoa.....embarrassing :)

The other day I made a cake.  Yeah.....I can see the  look of shock on your face.  It was a favor for my neighbor and Lord it proved I need to stick to paint colors.  I made a mess....look carefully as I spilled a whole bottle of vanilla.  

By the grace of God it turned out OK.....

Here was the recipe!

It was fairly me anyway!

How funny is this!  An antique dealer at the Mart had someone paint the bag of Lays on the antique picture....hahahaha

Y'all that is all I can squeeze out today....the well is dry:)

Hope y'all have a great week....



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I told y'all on Tuesday that I would be joining 5 other bloggers to discuss 2021 Design Trends.

Look at little ole me hanging with the big dogs!

And here I am at 5:15 Wednesday afternoon [that is why I am not a big dog] putting this little ditty together while I am almost positive all of the others are having a glass of wine by now because they have been finished since November. of one.

OK....I am not totally in the weeds here as I have been at least thinking about it.  That counts right?

Here goes.....get your coffee or wine and take a little break!

The first thing I am seeing a lot of is Applied Wall Trim in an architectural way.

It is a very classic look and has been around since the stone age.

I worked on 3 renovations last year and the architect called for it in a few rooms.  Now I know what you are thinking!  How do I hang pictures on it?

Well I found this inspirational photo for you.

You are welcome.

Next up is Painted Doors

Remember when everyone was painting their interior doors black?  I do and I still love that look as it is so classic.  But....if you are not a fan then I have seen lots of lighter colors happening lately!

Number 3 would be Wood Kitchen Cabinets.  Look I love a white kitchen....that is no secret but I am also a fan of adding some wood to warm it up.  It is safe to say that this trend started out west and has been slowly working its way to us here in Georgia.

Now this is what you might be thinking we are talking about...

OK....I know you remember this look....but think again!

You with me now?

Plenty of white but the wood really warms it up....

I love the look now but we all know that one day in 10 years or so we might be standing around thinking "a nice coat of fresh white paint will sell this place"  Ha Ha

Dark Houses

OK.....we have seen plenty of houses painted white [including mine] over the last 5 years.  Look I love a pretty white house and I would be OK if every house was white and we all wore white and the inside of said houses were white.....but hey that would be kind of weird..........but would it:)   

I am loving dark painted houses so hard right now.

I think a little wood or white windows also makes a dark house pretty.

If you remember I got my clients to paint the Madison Project dark and it looks so good.

Moving right along I am going with the return of Rich Color on the walls.  Again....I love a good white room but....when I see rich saturated colors like this I start to gaze up to the sky with my hand on my chin and say hmmmmmmm......



What are you thoughts on this one?

So my last trend has to do with Kitchen Backsplashes 

I am seeing a lot of kitchens without a tile backsplash.....but just taking the counter material and running it up the wall.  I have done this in a few projects and I like it.

West Of Main

I was at the Mart yesterday and both Rose and I decided we did not see any earth shattering trends in interior design but we are noticing that mixing modern with some old vintage pieces is popping on the pages of magazines.  It really helps to keep a room from feeling predictable.

I am so curious to read what is trending in other run over to these bloggers to see what they have to say!

Mary Ann Pickett  Classic Casual Home
Annie Diamond Most Lovely Things
Joni Webb Cote de Texas

Are you on board with these are are you scratching your head and mumbling "what is she talking about....I have been doing all of these for years".  
That may be true and we may be a little late to the party here in Georgia:)



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Dayum y' much love for the new coffee table:)

Thank you!

I have moved a few things around until I make up my mind.  The acrylic coffee table headed to the guest room as a bench stacked with books.  I moved the pigeon basket back to the family room where it was long ago....and now I have sufficient time to think about it.....which could be anywhere between 2 weeks and a year......give or take.

I don't like to be rushed ya know.....

Anyway......guess what?  I have some shelves to show you today.  From my house.  I know right....who am I?  Some crazy blogger?  Well I was looking at them on Christmas eve day and all of a sudden they were stripped down and I was cleaning them.  

Again....who the heck am I?

Here is the before!

Hot.  Damn.  Mess.

I had just been shoving crap on them and really not paying attention.  But hey....I am cutting myself some slack because we all do that right.

They aren't perfect yet but and I could have definitely weeded them out even more but in reality I use these everyday.  They were the only upper cabinets I had in my kitchen so I thought long and hard about removing them a few years ago.

I think I am an "over accessorizer" on shelves and sometimes I have to stand back and edit.....and maybe I am not there yet.... actuality these have to be functional for me and they are fitting that bill right now.

What I use on a daily basis is on the first shelf. Dishes and such.

I love finding pretty pottery and flea markets.....especially when it can actually be used for something:)

I have never regretted taking the cabinets down.....not one minute!

You are probably looking at the before and scratching your head thinking they don't look any different.....haha

At least they are dusted and washed so there's that.

Somebody asked about the basket on the DR table and I got it at a flea market.  I wish there had of been 2 of them:)

Last night in the middle of the night I woke up and one eye was stinging and watering to the point I could not even open the eye.  It was crazy and it went on for over 15-25 minutes.  I was freaking out thinking maybe a spider of small bug bit my eye and I was going to be blind.....I always take everything to the extreme.

It seems to be OK this morning but I have never experienced anything like that in my life....out of the clear blue!

I will be posting on Thursday instead of Friday this week....joining a few friends in discussing Design Trends for 2021!  They asked me 4 months ago and you would think I would be all organized and such but heck no.  

I have not even started the post yet which is a quality I hate about myself.

Hang in there people!