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Guys....the House Beautiful issue comes out today and I am just plain giddy!  I had to put the whole place back together early this week and tonight is the big party!  I'm all in a dither and still have no idea what I'm wearing.

Unfortunately I have to do a small job this morning zhushing my neighbors house for a party. Can't say no to a neighbor:)

They put the bedroom on the probably saw this on my instagram....

So you've heard me blab on about how hard it was because....well..... first of all doing color is a real stretch for me...ha ha.  But I also had to work with certain vendors.
That made it harder to get the exact look we wanted!  If you look closely there are 2 different styles of bedside chest here!  Ballard was a sponsor so the blue ones are from them.

In the first image we used some from Perigold [these are actually Global Views] so it shows you how different it can look!

Lee Industries sofa, Lulu DK fabric and Ballard pillow.

Thibaut wallpaper, Ballard etagere, floor lamp is Circa Lighting, carpet is Stanton and this are was lent to my by Atlanta Artist Collective.  It's by Tyler Colgan.

This gorgeous pillow from Travis and Co by Carolina Irving.  Linens from Matouk

The fabric is from Sanderson [Style Library] 

Headboard is from Ballard! Canopy constructed by my friend Sudi!

Of course I'll have more pictures.....duh.  So many details to share.....

But things have to happen today and sitting here in front of the computer is not going to facilitate that!

Have a rocking weekend!



15 Ways to get the Coziest Home for the Colder Weather Months

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As soon as the weather starts to turn cold all I want to do is get cozy!
This is the time to bring in lots of warm colors, furs, knits, velvets, woods and texture into your home.

I've done a little online viewing and found 15 of the MOST Coziest home decor items I could find.
And if you LIVE for cozy as much as I do, then I'm sure you will love this little collection I've put together just as much as I do.

(*This post contains affiliated links)

Probably the number 1 cozy item that everybody needs for the colder season is a fur throw blanket. 
These Faux Fur Ruched Throws look so dreamy! I love the variety of soft colors to pick from as well.

Cozy throw pillows are also a must! Just think about how amazing those Sunday naps on the couch will be with a few of these Faux Sheepskin Pillow Covers around.

Okay, so this Bluetooth Speaker Lapdesk is meant for teenagers, but I seriously want one too. Lounging around blogging could become so much more enjoyable for me with one of these.

Also meant for teens are these cozy office chairs. This Charcoal Sherpa Faux-fur desk chair seems pretty soft and practical.....

Whereas this Ivory Sherpa Glove Swivel Chair  looks like a fur cloud that I would never want to leave.

I think another Must-Have for colder weather is a soft plush rug. This Natural Flokati Wool area rug looks so cozy. I dream of stepping on it with my bare feet. 

Wood accents are perfect all year round, but wood naturally adds warmth and so I think adding more wood around your home is so appropriate for fall and winter. These Natural stacked wood tealight candle holders are gorgeous!

Another great way to add wood to a room is with Wood Plant Pots.

The Wooden Plant Pot above and below would both dress up a small plant beautifully. 
If you need a place to store your extra blankets when not in use, then I think this Large Storage Basket would be the perfect thing.

It also comes in a Smaller version to hold remotes are whatnot.

A lighted candle can instantly add a cozy feeling to any room.  I normally would never buy a candle without smelling it first, but my intuition tells me that this Scented Candle in Metal Jar smells amazing! It's called Firewood Fig.

That candle, placed on this Patterned Tray would look so cute don't you think? 

A great way to cozy up your bedroom is to add warm fluffy bedding, This Velvet Bedspread caught my eye right away.  I love the pretty gray of it as well.

You could even cozy up a dining room. One way is to add a Velvet Seat Cushion onto each of your chairs.

These darker gray colors look so warm. I've been slowly switching out a lot of our whites for dark gray, It's mainly because of our dog.. Truth! So I like that this Cable Knit Pillow Cover comes in dark grey or white. Which one would you choose?

And lastly, I leave you with yet another Faux Fur Throw because like I said, it's a necessity. :)

It all looks SO Cozy doesn't it?
It makes me want to snuggle in for these upcoming colder months.
How about you?

Thanks for stopping by,

No Flour Banana Bread

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What do you do when you have ripe bananas? You make banana bread of course!
And what do you do when you're out of flour?
Well you use oats instead!

That is exactly how this recipe all came about.
It turned out really moist and delicious and so I am excited to share the recipe with you.

I had some bananas that were too ripe to eat on their own and so I asked my 10 year old son if he'd prefer banana bread, banana muffins, or banana cookies, and replied, "banana bread!"

But once I realized we were out of flour and I had no intention of going to the store to buy some, I knew I had to get resourceful and so I figured oats would work just as well, and it did.  The bread is a bit on the flat side, but still taste great nonetheless.
Below is the recipe. Let me know if you try the recipe out and what you think about it.


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OK....I am gearing up for the next wave of events for the House Beautiful Concept Home here in Atlanta!  In late August we had to get it "photo ready" and now we have to get it "people ready".

Which [in my opinion] is much harder right!  I just hope people get the part that it was all sponsored product and we couldn't just get what ever we wanted to make it fabulous!  But.... I will say can zhush the holy heck out of something to make it look pretty polished!  And....of course lots of flowers always help:)

I know I never shared the rest of the images from the Serenbe Showhouse and of course it's over now but there were still some good details that I think you might want to see!

A little farmhouse action here....

I am always studying containers....of course my own are empty which makes me think why?
I do like the monotones of all green with this one!

Lets start with the kitchen....because I was pretty smitten with the shape of these corbels! know what?  I am still in love with a white kitchen.  Yes I get all googley when I see pretty colorful cabinets but in reality there is so much going on in kitchens....white just takes it down a notch.

Just for the many little topiary plants have I killed....that was a trend I had to quit early on.....lest I went bankrupt.  

Of course I just turned to pillows which don't need quite the care but I can still go bankrupt none the less:)

Another beautiful table setting....

 And seriously a bunch of magnolia in a vase will solve many of life's problems.

The jam:)

The upstairs landing....a nice study in black and white.

Never met a crusty light fixture I didn't like....and I'm all over these black roman shades.

More #blackandwhite goodness....

This fun room was my favorite.....

So many interesting moments....with the gallery wall, the pillows and rug.  I was all in on this one.

I gotta tell ya though....I didn't think I was a fan of black, white and red but I got my mind changed here.....

Some serious pink in this bedroom upstairs!

Right off the foyer was the family room.....

Another pretty the surprise you get when something is painted inside a pretty color like this secretary.....

Party lights.....check!


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OK....better get my running shoes on because the next few days are gonna be a marathon!

More about that on Friday...