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OK.....before we dive into more pictures of The Julian Price House [you can find list of designers]....here is the update on my Weight Watchers journey.....

Down 5 pounds in 20 days.....definitely a little slow for this instant gratification girl:)  When I weighed myself I was moving the scale all over the bathroom floor to see if it would change ha ha.  I plan to kick in the workout schedule a little more to get this ball rolling.

I find myself eating the same food everyday for lack of imagination.....meaning it's too much trouble to figure out something else and get it together to cook it.

Anyway....I'm not discouraged!  I don't give up that easily.

Let's get back to the showhouse sponsored by Southern Home Magazine.

Before you walked into the kitchen there was one of my favorite rooms.....

It was like a butlers pantry....small dining area.

I remember looking at this bread and thinking "Good Lord I could dive into that right now....eat the whole loaf without looking up even if it had been tied up and dragged behind a car for an hour."

The kitchen was totally renovated.

Love this cute girls room.....

My friend Cheryl [Dwell By Cheryl] put this perfectly layered closet together and it was fabulous!!!

This wall treatment!

She is going places.....only just starting her full time design business recently....

Cheryl you killed it with this layered textural space.

And that's all I got.  I believe it's open until May 1st so if you are local you should definitely see!

I've got what is known as a Highpoint hangover....seeing so much product and pretty things! Kinda hard to get back into the swing of things but no choice here.....


Heaven in my backyard

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I have a snow crabapple tree in my backyard and right now it looks like pure heaven!
I get so excited every spring for this tree to blossom and be filled with millions of little white flowers. Not only is it breathtaking beautiful, but it also smells like pure bliss.

Every Spring when this tree is in bloom I like to set up a little photo shoot with it. This year I simply just set my cute little beach cruiser bike under it for a sweet country look. My husband and boys gave me the bike for Mother's day years ago.  I love to ride it.

At the end of this post I will share the photo shoots I have done with this tree in years past.

I tied a wire basket to the front of my bike and filled it up with these beautiful white faux hydrangeas.

I also have a touching little story to share with you along with this post. In the winter of 2017 my pug dog, Abby past away of old age and it was very important to me that she be buried under this magical tree.  But we ran into a big problem, that winter was externally harsh, the ground was frozen solid and there was no way of digging into it. But then something amazing happened. If you see in this next picture there is a large tree stump next to the tree.

That stump was from a tree that we had trimmed in our front yard.  I thought the stump was neat and imagined using it to pot flowers in one day.  Well on that cold winter day,  we moved the stump and found that the dirt under it was soft and dry so we were able to dig a large deep hole to bury her in.  It also happened to be in the exact spot that I dreamed of putting her.

So now with the tree in bloom, not only does it look like heaven, It also gives me peace knowing that my Abby is living happily and freely up in her own heaven as well. 

And now, here are some more pictures that I've taken of this tree in past spring times. 

This tree also looks great in the summer and fall months as well. 
Anyway, I just wanted to share it again with you this year, because I think it is so beautiful. 
I'm sure I'll share it again next spring too. 

Hope you have a great day!
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Sorry to leave you guys hanging on Friday!  I left for Highpoint Thursday morning and it's a blur after that....so much to see and not much time!

Walking 15,000 steps a day so comfortable shoes are a must......which hinders the "outfit" at times.


I think I took 500 pictures so I should have some good blogging material for a while...... which will prevent me from talking about subjects like toilets:)

Southern Home Magazine put on their first showhouse while we were there.  The Julian Price House was featured on an episode of Hoarders....which I missed but am now obsessed to find and watch.

I had to run through the house because the opening party was at 6 pm [in Greensboro] and I had to be at a dinner at 7 pm [in Highpoint....30 min away!] 

Like a good blogger I snapped away and also did a little instagram snooping for some better pictures...I can be genius like that....hee haw.

Found this before picture of the outside....apparently a designer lived in the house and after her husband died I guess the hoarding started.....

This is what it looked like when I got there.....

Hoarding shot

Empty foyer after the home was cleared 


Beautiful Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper

Not sure which room this is but OK....whoa.

Pretty guest bedroom

And they did a great job making the bathroom fun since it had green tile.  Love the walls.....


Living room....

I love the profile of this corner sectional!

Through the LR was a sunroom clearly sporting the same blue and green colors....I was totally drawn to this space.

There is so much more....31 rooms in this house!

We will continue on Friday.  

On a side note.....sticking with WW in Highpoint was damn hard.  8000 snacks in every showroom....I'm SICK of fruit.... I just tried to save all my points so I could have a few glasses of wine every afternoon!  

It's the important things in life right :)