Afternoon Tea in the Boathouse Conservatory

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            Hello everyone,

     I hope you enjoyed your weekend. We 
celebrated two of our sons birthdays
here yesterday. They share the same
     birthday but five years apart

Today, I am sharing an afternoon tea
in the Boathouse conservatory that I
had one beautiful summer day a couple
    of years ago but never shared on my blog~
just in one of my own magazines.

It is a gray day here so looking at these
photos gives me a lift and I hope they
will brighten your day too!

Lots of pretty aqua and pink

And of course some tasty
treats to go with our tea.

Romantic vintage wicker chairs and 
a small table I painted aqua/green.

Our conservatory is small but sunny
and cheerful.

A garden bouquet mixed with
store bought roses for our high
tea today.

          Love these roses!

                    I hope you enjoyed my afternoon tea
                       in the Boathouse conservatory. I know
                        I am looking forward to the days when
                           I can enjoy those summer time teas again
                              but first we have some snow to get rid off.

                           Thank you for visiting!


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Tea by the Sea

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 Hello everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your
weekend. It is a sunny one here
and the snow we got earlier this
week is starting to melt.

We decided to take a break today
and went to our favorite spot
to enjoy some peace and beauty
by the sea. Definitely too cold
for swimming but just warm
enough to enjoy a cup of tea
in the sunshine.

Sailboat in the window.

                                                                 If you would enjoy your tea indoors
                                                                 today. I have a cozy corner all ready
                                                                 for you.

   Or maybe you would like to
relax on the bed enjoying the
view from there with a cup of

     I am sure I will never tire of looking at this

                                                            Have you already guessed my little
                                                                       secret?  Yes, you are right......we
                                                                       bought a little beach cottage early
                                                                       last fall and have been busy making
                                                                       it our own special little hideaway!

                                                                       I feel so blessed that we were able
                                                                       to buy this little gem and hope that our
                                                                       family will enjoy many happy, relaxing
                                                                       times there in seasons to come.  

                                                                          If any of you follow me on pinterest
                                                                       you may have noticed that I have been
                                                                       pinning a lot to my beach cottage board
                                                                       enjoying all the inspiration out there.

                                                                       I will share some before and after photos
                                                                       as time goes by of our little Ocean Song
                                                                       Cottage by the sea but in the meantime
                                                                       I hope you enjoyed your Tea by the Sea.

                                                                                           Thank you for visiting!


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Well it's official.....I am overbooked.  Yup...I know when I wake up in the middle of the night visualizing finished rooms and thinking of what I need to order..... things might be out of control.

Whew.  Get it together Sherika.

I am so glad that y'all weighed in on the DR light situation.  I knew all along that one was my fav but it helped to do some persuading to my people in Boulder :)


On to other happenings.

My neighbor is having a party this weekend and she wanted her bookshelves "zhushed".  You know how you get to that point when you just start shoving crap on them....hoping that is the one thing that will solve the problem?

Not happening.

2 rooms and 6 bookshelves later.

Small tweaks....taking out the color.

Lucky for me she collects black and white art. Otherwise I might have said no.

Heading into the family room....

Just a little re-arranging.

I had very little left over which is a good thing cause you know how clients say this...."what do I do with the leftovers"?  How the hell do I know?


It's no secret that I am a minimalist when it comes to you can see with mine.....

My best advise.  Take EVERYTHING off. 
Perk: wipe them down:)

Then group in like items in an area....books, frames, "tchotzkies" etc.

I always start with the middle shelves first [eye level] and use your best stuff....then work up...and down.  Books....are your best friend. 

There you case you are bored this weekend.



Beautiful New Dishes & a Snow Day

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Hello everyone,

A couple of days ago I lucked in
to some beautiful new china at the
thrift store and I couldn't resist them.
I think they will look pretty for our
Easter table this year.
It is a set of eight except only
four teacups but I am sure I
can mix and match again.

They are hand painted in England.

A little Easter vignette in the

It may be spring but we had a blizzard here
last night shutting down most of the Island
last night and most of the day.

You can see we had a good blast of winter above
and below. I am hoping that is the last storm and some mild temps.
will get melt it all soon.
    In the mean time our little ' Snow Princess' Lila

and I enjoyed a walk in the woods yesterday.

                                                               Lila and I enjoyed some one on one
                                                               time baking cookies,having tea and
                                                               a walk in the woods.

                   Go ahead and enjoy a sugar cookie before
they are all gone!

        Looking forward to a fun time
          tonight with our grandchildren as
   our driveways are now open
again and the travelling is
good once again.

Thank you for visiting!


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