My friend texted me yesterday afternoon and asked me to come to the 7:00 AM Soul Cycle class.

Huh?  Why can't I go at a reasonable hour?

"Because Lorenzo is teaching and I love him"

Key word love him.  But whatever...all I need is a little peer pressure......

So I went and the AC was broken and y'all....I could not even breath.....they came in to the class after about 20 min passing out cold water [I guess they were worried].

My fingers are still wrinkled while I type this:) guys know I am all about layering.  I try to be a minimalist but I walk that fine line!

Mark Sikes is probably one of the best.  His rooms feel lived in....collected and perfectly layered.  Most of us know him for his use of blue and he may be responsible for bringing that design trend back in a huge way!

BUT....he also does neutrals to perfection.

This desk situation above makes me giddy.

This might have been the inspiration for my master bedroom.....just saying.


I also found this bedroom and decided to recreate the "look for less"....

You're welcome.

First of all I found this bed!

Mark always adds some classic tradition to a room.....and makes black and brown co-exist so peacefully.

If you notice in the picture the curtains are a deep burgundy red floral!

So I went there:)

Thoughts?  It's very layered....not so matchy and if anyone actually puts this room together please send me the picture:) Thursday I finally have a little install and hopefully will have some pictures on Friday.  I feel like it's been ages since I showed some of my own work!




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