I mean really.....what is better than a 3 day weekend right? I did something that I have been wanting to do for months.....clean out my closet.

Yup.  All of my shoes had finally ended up on the floor and clothes were barely clinging to hangers.

I think I scared Cami because I just went in there and started tossing shoes out the closet door to the floor.  

3 hours later....success.  Then after reading on Kathy's blog The Good Life of Design I decided to trying selling some things on Poshmark.

We will see how that goes as it's just another thing I have to figure out and keep up with!

I have some updates on my friend Melissa's new house which posted about  here.

She is about a month away from closing and the decisions we made last January are finally coming together.  When you meet with the builder to pick things out I have one word of advice.

OK.....2 words.......Stay neutral. 
AND.....don't roll your eyes but we stayed with mostly #blackandwhite finishes for the reason that I'm me...... and thats what I like:)

All kidding aside it's always classic and when you go to won't look dated.  #truth

So here is a picture of the kitchen....

Backsplash isn't  grouted yet but taking the tile to the ceiling was money well spent [upcharge].

The honed black granite....

The honed Carrara marble on the island.

The day we made our selections.

So excited!

This is the powder room right off the kitchen.

You remember we are using the Lindsay Cowles wallpaper....and circa lighting sconces.

I ordered this cool mirror from Four Hands so I can't wait for this baby to come together.

This is the main entry with a very small foyer.  I had picked a chandelier [that I thought would work] but guess what?  There's not enough clearance so we had to move it to the top of the stairs.

Whew....that was dicy. 
 It will go here instead with 10 ft ceilings but definitely shortened.

Here are 3 flush mounts I sent her [for the foyer] and with price consideration we chose the one in the middle from Shades of Light.

The railings have the same stain as the floors.  So I have been looking at carpet runners.

Here are the sconces going up the stairs....The color of all the doors is SW Dorian Gray.  The Thibaut grasscloth wallpaper is going up the second step of stairs [3 floors].  This first one is wool and the most $$$.  

This one is more reasonable and probably won't show as much dirt.

And.....this is the most appealing because it is indoor/outdoor and will look good against the ebony floors.

I'll keep you posted. [all samples from Myers Carpet]

Upstairs bathroom.....

Here is the wall the TV is going on which will also get the grass cloth....then to the right is the other set of stairs.

And this pretty chandelier for the master closet!

The master bedroom plan.....

Master bath

Hedgewood Homes always nails the landscaping for their projects!

And thats a wrap......

Have a great short week!



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