The Boathouse ~ Garden Views

                                                                     Hello everyone,
                                                          I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

                                                          I thought I would share some different
                                                          views from outside our Boathouse.

                                                          The view above is an early morning shot
                                                           with the mist rising of the pond, taken from
                                                           the porch of the Boathouse.

I planted a Sensation lilac on the southeast side
of the Boathouse so we can enjoy the beauty
and fragrance both inside and out.

                                                    I seem to share the outside front more often
                                                    so here are few shots of the side and back.
                                                          The windows on the back are recycled
                                                          french doors and they make up the small
                                                          conservatory/sun room.
                                                     Behind the picket fence there are lots
                                                     of Dame's Rocket blooming. They are
                                                     not only pretty but fragrant as well.
                                                    I think fragrance in the garden is
                                                    as important as beauty.....don't you?

                                                    Annebelle hydrangeas line the front porch.

                                                          A misty morning view.

                                                     A wisteria growing up the back of
                                                     the Boathouse is a few years old
                                                     and I look forward to it blooming.
                                                                   The view from the far side of
                                                                   the pond.
     Flag iris growing around
the pond.

We have tea on the porch in
the warm seasons.

Late June by the west side of
the Boathouse.

                                                    And let's not forget the beauty of a
                                                    snowy day in the garden although I hope
                                                    we don't have too many more this season.

                                                       Next time we will go inside the Boathouse
                                                       and enjoy a cup of tea.

                                                                       Thank you for visiting me.

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