On Saturday I turned 65.  Yep....never in a million years did I think I would be this old.....don't get me wrong....I didn't think I would die early [crikey who does?] but it just seems like yesterday I was celebrating my 50th and BAM....15 years flew by like a pair of jet fighters.

A few friends got the chefs table at a local restaurant and to say I was honored that they all cleared their schedule to make time for me was an understatement.

You don't get to be my age without learning a thing or two [sometimes the hard way] so I thought I would share a few important tidbits.....

1.  Take care of your health.  You can have all the money in the world but that is not going to matter without being healthy.  I have worked out since I was in my early 20's....and it might not be the secret to eternal youth.....but mentally it puts you in a better place.

2.  Stay out of the sun....Yes we all look better with a tan but will definitely look older when you are actually old!

3.  Cultivate friendships.....that comes with some work.....but you will be a better person if you aren't thinking about yourself all the time:)

4.  Stay in the game.  And by that I mean keep working.....learn new things and interact with people [see #3].

5.  Take care of your teeth.  Unless you want to look funny when you get old. 

6. Forgive.  Really....cause who cares you're still pissed off.  It's not gonna matter when you are gone.

7.  Family is everything.  I mean this one.  They aren't perfect but newsflash.....neither are you.  It was a promise we made to our Mom when she was not stay mad.  See #6.

That's pretty much it.

One of my friends gave me this gift.....

It was a framed picture of all the ways I have signed my name on the blog!


Cami had a hangover the next day:)

Enough about me.....

The railing went up on one of my projects designed by Rodolfo Castro.  I pretty much strong armed her into using him and now she is in love:)

Ordered this beautiful blanket from RH for a bedroom...


Love this reclaimed wall at Michael Ladisics new office.

Getting these pillows done to go in a neutral [surprise] family room.....

That was my week y'all.....



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