Set for Lunch


       Hello everyone,

        A few days ago my friend Mildie
           came for a visit and lunch. We have
           been good friends since our children
               were babies and over the years we have
             settled into a little routine of going out
                    for a movie ....Hidden Figures was our last
                  one and we both really enjoyed it. We also
                get together whenever we can for lunch at
                   my house and one of our summer routines
              is an Island tour day where we explore a
                       part of the Island that we don't visit regularly
                      and go somewhere for lunch and check out 
the summer shops. 

So, it was a pink and white
theme day. The pretty china
with roses above is Alpine White
Ironstone by Woods & Sons
England. I have collected quite
a few of these pieces over the years.

        Keeping it casual in our kitchen/dining

Mildie is a foodie and has the healthiest
diet of any one I know so I made this
healthy Biryani Vegetable Rice
casserole. If you would like the
recipe please check it our here
at Canadian Living magazine.
It is tasty as well as healthy.

Lunch is always a joint effort so Mildie
took her homemade orange squash soup
and the healthy biscuits.

               I provided the homemade spelt
         bread. I have become fussy
             about store bought breads that
                 seem to have too many additives
                 so at least I know what goes into
                        this one and it tastes so much better.

I also made apple crisp with whipped cream
for dessert,
not especially healthy but so good I
forgot to take photos before enjoying it.

Of course, we lingered over tea and
   nutmeg butter biscuits and preserves.
The teapot is a Sadler.

I forgot to get the recipe but
they were very tasty.

We are still lingering!

It is always a treat to have friends
visit !

Thank you to you for your visit
as well!


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