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flowers from around the world will be on display in Philadelphia, orchids in the Bronx will help conjure up Cuba and the streets of Paris have been in a garden in St. Louis reimagined.

These are some of the garden and orchid shows now and by the end of March in various parts of the country. While it is still too cold in many places to enjoy the flowers outdoors, these annual events offer visitors a way to shake off "snowmageddon." They are also excellent resources for gardening projects, but even if you have a green thumb is not to have the sights and scents of a garden show can provide an uplifting diversion from the final gray winter days

Here are some details .:


Philadelphia international Flower Show , Pennsylvania Convention Center, "passport to the World" 28 February to March 7. This annual event of the Horticultural Society Pennsylvania sponsored a mixture of elaborate displays, entertainment and educational events, with a huge market of more than 140 vendors. This year's show includes showcase gardens with international themes inspired by the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, Singapore and India.

Chicago Flower & Garden Show , March 6 to 14, Navy Pier. The event includes display gardens, cooking demonstrations, seminars, marketplace and type Children's Garden.

Boston Flower and Garden Show March 24-28, Seaport World Trade Center: "A feast for the senses". Attractions include lectures, demonstrations, English garden tea, competitions, arrangements in the Japanese Ikebana style, Audience Award, and Bloom, a show sponsored by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society.


New York Botanical Garden Bronx, NY, "the Orchid Show: Cuba in flower", in February. 27 April 11 YouTube video about the installation of: http://bit.ly/aygreF.

, Cuba motto of the eighth annual orchid show garden, plants amid depictions of Old Havana and the Cuban countryside presents a tribute to Cuba's Soroa Orchidarium, a garden including dedicated cultured to preserve and orchids and tropical plants.

"In a mixture of architecture, design, landscape and color, we wanted an experience for creating visitor was dramatic, vibrant and colorful while elements of the Cuban experience to introduce, the feel and appearance of the landscape evoke and the country that I knew as a child, "Jorge Sanchez, who grew up in Cuba and designed the exhibition, said in a statement.

Missouri Botanical Garden , St. Louis, "Orchid Show" to 28 March orchids are displayed here under a temporary streetscape and garden including an image of the Eiffel tower-inspired French. The collection of garden of more than 8,000 individual orchid plants consists mainly of winter-blooming orchids made that are rotated in and out of the show, as they come into bloom.

The orchid collection Garden comes from its early days more than 150 years ago. "The first orchids at the Missouri Botanical Garden, a gift to our founder Henry Shaw in the 1800s were," said garden spokeswoman Karen Hagenow.

Atlanta Botanical Garden "Orchid Daze: Towers of Flowers", by April 11. If the event takes place in the Fuqua Orchid Center Garden takes who hosts the show in the US one of the largest collection of species orchids transforms the concept of a garden as a horizontal carpet into a vertical spectacle, spilling with orchids by towering columns.

"the carpets, the walls and climb vibrant wallpapers and flowing banners," said the designer show Tres Fromme of Mesa Design Group, in a statement. Special events include orchid care clinics, March 6 and 3 April 10:00 noon; the Atlanta Orchid Society Show, March 13, and Vanilla Sunday, March 21, with cooking demonstrations. (. The vanilla plant is a member of the orchid family)

Orchid Society shows : Complete list of local Orchid Society shows from the American orchid society, (click on "Events" and then on "Show Schedule").

Source: msnbc.msn.com

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