A Beautiful Long Winter Drive


    Hello everyone,

We had an earlier start than usual
to our winter here in eastern Canada
and I really enjoyed the beauty of
As many of you know we drove to
Quebec City which is a 9 hour drive
from our home on Prince Edward
Island. So, on the long drive home
I entertained myself by setting my
camera on sports and taking a few
pics along the way.
I thought it was all breathtaking
and really enjoyed the drive.

The photo above was the only one
taken before we left for home.
I spotted this windmill on the
Isle d ' Orleans.

The rest of the photos were taken between
Quebec City and the border of New Brunswick.

                                                                           You can see it was a beautiful winter
                                                                         Love this church steeple.
                                                                  Some day, I would love to go back and
                                                                  take the road less traveled
                                                                I am quite sure I could have got some
                                                                amazing shots if the car didn't have
                                                                a heavy foot on the gas pedal! Ha! Ha!

                                                                  I love all the silos too.


                                                     It is a beautiful sunny day here
                                                                today and after my walk I enjoyed
                                                                a quick look back at these shots of the
                                                                drive home from our winter holiday......hope
                                                                you enjoyed the journey as well!

                                                                                   Take care,

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