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Home Gardenin Bitter cold Creates garden problems -

With bitterly cold temperatures the area just happens, my first proposal is quickly book a Caribbean cruise and from the city - if that is an option. If not, and your plants have managed so far, to survive, to provide them with winter protection for all additional low-temperature periods that come along this winter season. Generally means that covering them and to provide them with additional heat. Often, the. The form of a large wattage light bulb, a heat lamp or a small electric heater

Extra heat is required only when the temperature is below 32 degrees Celsius and the heat are to be cut off after temperatures climbing over 32 gardeners who must choose to leave the cover on the plants some kind of opening for a produce excessive heat to escape, otherwise it may cause heat damage. So we have yet another challenge garden. But perhaps these challenges that seem too come one after another, are what makes gardening fascinating how man his / her skills against the environment pits.

No doubt, with the low teens temperatures (if they materialize as forecast), we can expect some plant damage. That's because we are in a transition zone, which allows most of the time we subtropical species of plants which are not genetically prepared for such low temperatures in winter. So no protection, either death or severe damage likely at these plants. away to circumcise not get

If you plants that are damaged, in a hurry obviously damaged parts. Many times survive a few cells and some new growth appears after we get in the growing season. appears after given such an opportunity, and no new growth, then proper pruning can be done. I remember that some years ago we had such a strong cold snap killed almost all of pittosporum

Some Krimskrams .:

still have their natural environment of Christmas? Make a hole in the ground for them or anchor his still mounted state and it is a beautiful habitat for our birds be. Or you can use it or give a fish habitat someone.

Have you caught up in the Christmas rush and forget to plant these bulbs that you had in your refrigerator undergo conditioning? It's better to get them in the ground and not for another winter season, to hold them.

Now is a good time to prune plants that do not flower in spring. An exception to this is that we do pruning fruit trees encourage this month and to help in the next to reduce the expense of fruit, that if exaggerated result in a larger number of smaller fruits.

Do not forget that we are in the middle of the ideal time for planting trees, shrubs, ground cover, etc. But no palm trees, please. Palm trees are best planted in late spring and summer.

Growing a vegetable garden? Plant English peas and onion sets or plants. it is also a good time to construct a hot bed or cold frame for the start cole plants from seeds. That would be cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli, along with carbon and carbon. And if the current temperatures keep for several days, you are not sure about the sweat to worry or be overheated during these cold frame to build.

Finally, as gardeners spend a longer period of doors, it is important that they dress properly. Heavy coats, a sort of headpiece, layered clothing and heavy gloves are recommended all.

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