I realize on my last post I neglected to share a little detail about the drive down to the beach.  It concerns my sweet puppy Cami.

Little dear.

In the last few months she has started getting anxious in the car.....barking and whining.... so I was extremely worried about driving over 5 hours. I thought I had it all under control by filling up 2 kongs with frozen peanut butter.  Yes....brilliant!

That will keep her calm and distracted in the beginning and she will forget her troubles.

As soon as we got on the road....practically before we left our community I threw it in the back seat and.....we had silence.  I was pretty smug looking at my husband like I had just finished doing a monster Excel spread sheet.  That is totally my husbands "love language".......and I would rather scrub a filthy toilet with a tiny toothbrush.

7 minutes later she was done with that thing and the barking began.....what.....huh?

Little shit.  So I dug out the other one and started to panic because I realized that in 7 minutes I was doomed.

She barked THE WHOLE WAY DOWN.  By the time we arrived I wanted to kill her.  Needless to say the next morning we drove to Petsmart to buy a bark collar. 

Hee Haw....this was after 15 minutes with the collar on.  Oh yeah.....another fun fact about my precious Cami.  The day before we left she ate a bar of soap which caused massive diarrhea so the drive back....although quiet....took twice as long because of all the stops.


Now I don't want to say that Target took up where I left off with my love of black and white could say that "they get me".

Down in Florida they were putting out all of their new summer patio goods......check it out!

Here are a few pictures....

Good stuff huh?

Wait there is more.....from Threshold!

And below...especially my favorite black and white towels.

A few more pictures....

And because I saw this cool gold I am still a neutral girl at heart:) win.

Snow storm coming to Atlanta.
Market next week.



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