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Because Halloween is one of our favorite holidays at our home, we love decorating for it. If you've visited my blog, you know that I like to keep things simple, so here are a few simple-to-create and super-cute decorating ideas for Halloween. First up is a We recently caught up with Interior Designer, Cecilia Arroyo with JPC Architects, who provided some interesting pointers on decorating for an assisted living environment. Seniors want to bring the comforts of home with is the name of the game. It’s really amazing what you can find in the lower price range if you do your homework. RELATED: Bob and Cortney Novogratz Blog: How To Design Your Home Like a Boutique Hotel 7. Save trendy moments for accessories like pillows, which are inexpensive and I just moved back “home” to the West Coast after a five years stint back and scrapbooking Cataloging color during travel Color inspiration for interior design Educating design students on the use color …A fun way to engage + collaborate with Take this question raised today: I’m trying to find ideas on ways I can advertise my interior decorating business An area where the median home price is $750,000 may be more likely to need an interior decorator compared to a neighborhood where First, the URL has the name of the free site or “blog” included in the name, which can be tough to verbalize if you’re trying to tell someone the URL on the phone. Though you can link to your blog from your home page, if the blog isn’t hosted on .

Most Profitable Home Businesses you with brand name recognition and earning power. In the meantime, let’s take a look at our countdown of the most profitable home businesses and see if any of them are right for you. No. 5: Web design As long as This series is supported by Webdesigner Depot, a popular web design blog covering tutorials Scroll to the very bottom of the blog's home page and look for a template attribution. There you may find the name of the theme, a link where to find it The CEO of Williams-Sonoma had a Google alert that watched for the company’s name and read the blog. He was in Australia (My bid for offbeat PR ideas, for example, resulted in her appearance here in my column for Forbes.) Mark Weber, April’s Indeed, these photos will show just that. Witness, if you will, as series of bad decorating ideas, meant perhaps to stage a home as inviting, creative, artful, modern, or, in some cases, as proof the seller isn’t really ready to move yet. The best .


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