English Country Christmas


 Hello everyone,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

I enjoyed a lovely afternoon on
Saturday going to the Christmas
      House Tours and then out to supper
with my daughters.

                                                         On Sunday we hosted our annual family pizza
                                                         party for 30 and the grandchildren exchanged
                                                          gifts adding to the fun. I love this casual party.

I think this room has an English
    cottage look although it does have
a bit of French as well.

The tea tray is set if you have
time for tea.

                                                                      Friendly Village tea cups.

                                                                    You can see my collection of
                                                                    Friendly Village china has made
                                                                    it's way back out to the cupboard
                                                                    for the Christmas/Winter season.

Father Christmas stands watch
in the corner.

                                              Well, it is hard to believe that this time
                                                         next week Christmas is over but thankfully
                                                         the joy of the season will still linger.

                                                                          Thank you for stopping by,


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