So I went to a movie for the first time in a year!  I know....crazy huh?  I jumped up on Sunday afternoon and made the 4:00 show of La La Land.

OMG.......Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are magical together.  The dancing...the music..the dialog.  I was definitely entertained and even got chills a few times.  It was the perfect formula for a romantic comedy.  

So glad I saw that one for my re-entry into movie land.

Thinking I will keep it short and sweet today since everyone is so darn busy this time of year.

I  wanted to show you the picture of my bedroom in Atlanta Magazine Home.  

If you remember if was before the ORC.

Since there was no black and white in it.....Ginny Branch and I scoured another bedroom and came up with this black and white throw and pillow from West Elm!  Just proves you can add black and white to any color:)

And you can see that the headboard is the same....lamps are the same, table-skirt and nightstand also.

It's so weird for me to look at my ORC pictures now and remember the all white walls!

You know what?  I actually love both versions and I am probably gonna want those white walls in the summer:)  But.....I could add all white bedding for a fresh look right?

Next up is this small kitchen of a clients daughter who called me to come look at the existing space.


It was crazy...the DW was right next to the oven. 


We really tried to work with it but in the end we decided to rip it out and go for an Ikea kitchen.  

That sounded theory.

Only one problema......if you have never done one before it can be quite overwhelming.

So I called in the expert.  My son in law from Boulder who has done about 20 of them.

I sent him the measurements and he drew it out for me and gave me all of the item numbers!

Easy peasy.

Making progress.  We decided to keep the fridge but made the space large enough for a full size one eventually!

The island went in....

You might have noticed we changed out the floors also!

Soon countertops, lights and pretty things!

WHAT!  5 days until Christmas. 




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