Dahlia Bouquets from the Garden



    I hope your week is going well.

We have had a touch of frost here
so I know that summer is over for
another year.
I don't grow a lot of dahlias here
in our garden because they are rather
labor intensive and have to be dug in
the fall and stored in the basement for
However, I do love having them for 
bouquets so I do plant a few.

Nice to have a small bouquet of them
on my writing desk. 

                                                                    I like how these two dahlias
                                                                     look together.
                                                                         Snippets for my windowsill.

                                                                     A pretty bouquet from our
                                                                     cottage garden.
                                                                           Tea Time
                                                       Bouquets big or small  make me happy!

                                                       We were laying a new floor at our cottage
                                                        today and I am very happy with it ~ more
                                                        on that later though.

                                                                           Thank you for visiting me!


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