Go ahead and start the hate because I am about to discuss a very heated the design world anyway......  I mean we aren't talking health care here.

Faux flowers.  Yep there I've actually said it.



But before you slam down the computer and write me off as a complete nut job....thinking "what a fraud"....just take a minute and hear my side.

Yes...I totally agree that real is better than fake.  I hear the sighs now.....whew!  I can appreciate a pretty vase of flowers to perk up a corner or two.  

But....Sometimes I am just too busy to keep up with that live bouquet and more often than not I look over and it is dead as a doornail and the water is so murky there is a slight swamp smell coming from it.

So....occasionally when I do an install I will use faux.  One of the reasons is that my clients appreciate it cause then they don't have to worry about what to put there!

Like this guest bedroom at a second home.....

In my own bookshelves I used a faux fern on the left side.

And in my keeping area straight ahead

Another faux fern I used in my bathroom once when I was photographing for the ORC.

In my bedroom.....

When I staged my sister's guest room for another ORC I used this small faux succulent.

Some faux branches in the blue vase.....

I did these bookshelves using a faux succulent. 

Faux fern again....

Small faux white flowers.....

My Homegood's loot recently.

So is a test......

"Flower questions for 500 Alex".....Things to do before a party?"
 Ding....ding...ding......Change out faux flowers for real.

 I had some time over the holiday and surfed the internet for some swell looking faux plants.

These had pretty containers....

I have read  that many bloggers gave up and bought this fig tree from Pottery Barn.....I would put it in a larger container though.....just saying.

So are you on board....or do you have my picture on the back of a door throwing darts and mumbling what is she thinking.

Go on.....I can take it.



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