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   Hello everyone,

 We are enjoying beautiful sunny summer
weather here on the Island so it is a treat
to take some time to relax at our little
cottage that we have named Ocean Song.

                                                                        It is a joy to be able to have tea while
                                                                        listening to the waves lap on the shore
                                                                        and enjoy the beauty of the sea.
We enjoy having our family come
for a summer meal out on the deck.

                                                                       We enjoyed watching the Tall Ships sail
                                                                        by as they sailed to and from the
                                                                        Charlottetown harbour.
                                                            And before you go.......a bouquet of garden

                                                                       We had a great turnout for our open garden
                                                                        last evening and it was lovely to see everyone
                                                                        enjoying their evening stroll through the garden.

                                                                                              Thank you all for coming and
                                                                                               thank you for popping by here as


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