Yep....another fashion post in honor of "spring is here" .....well in Atlanta anyway:)

But before we get all giddy with putting outfits together I have to tell you this.  The other day at Orange Theory I noticed a good looking guy walk in and thought "he looks familar.....but it can't be"...."can it?"

Josh Duhamel

It was.  Apparently he had been there before because he was all smily with everyone.  But listen up.....we were on the rowers [hate] and I was on one separated about 6 feet away from him.

At the end of one particularly grueling row we were all supposed to turn to our neighbor and high five.  Since no one was near me I opted out of that little ritual.

But...I look up to see JD looking me in the eye with his hand up.  In a split second I tossed around the idea of getting up to make hand contact.

But the scene in my head of trying to hurriedly get out of the straps....probably getting one foot out and not the other.... which meant I would fall forward flat out hitting the floor with a loud thud [all eyes on me]..... but able to raise my hand from the floor to make that high five..... only then to find that the next all out row had already begun and JD was moving on.....kept me glued to my seat with a meek "air high five".

I don't really do well around celebrities.  


What started this post was white shirts.  I was on a hunt for the perfect few that would be able to host any event thrown.

As I have said before....I am a simple gal when it comes to fashion.

Here are a few outfits that work......on paper anyway:)

I tried on those shoes and they were very comfortable.  Raise your hand if you are happy block heels are back!

clutch   on sale!

necklace  have and love!
purse need

A few more pretty white tops I want.....

one  I bought these!
three  Getting these and will wear all summer!

I love blue and black together and this clutch and scarf from Dear Keaton are on my list!

I love these necklaces from Twine and Twig!
And that's it my friends.....

I'm leaving for Boulder again today.  Crazytown.



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