I am so glad you guys approved of my fashion post......because I'm old....yes that is a fact.....dressing young is my way of tricking people.  Hee Haw. 

  AND.....I think as long as I don't wander into Wet Seal thinking I can pull THIS off..... I am ahead of the game right?  I sometimes feel like I am one tube top away from bad taste!

But in my day.......

On Saturday I ventured down to Serenbe to go to the Organic Life House.  I was not disappointed.

This 6000 sq ft home is Earthcraft-certified and features geothermal heating and cooling.  It is built with natural materials.

Take a look.....


This door.....right?

I need a small stackable washer and dryer for another project and this one [Bosch] got great reviews.  It does not need a vent to the outside so it takes up less room.

I am crazy for these lights and how they hung them....

Right into the kitchen....

Black concrete countertops!

These love.

Dining area....

Living area.....

Love the texture in these pillows and this whole room!

These shelves built right in the wall....totally appeal to me.

As you can see I took a jabillion pictures so I need to break this post up!  What appealed to me about this house is of course all the white and texture.  I mean it was designed just for me right?

I met the designer Dana Lynch and tried to get her to run away with me.  She. Is. Awesome.

Check out her portfolio and see her talent!  I am going to be able to say "I knew her when" new girl crush:)

Built by Bobby Webb of BCC Builders
Architect was JP Curran
Furnishings from Jillian Cooke

I love Serenbe so much but the only drawback is that there is no starbucks :)  I am sure by the time I am ready to retire they will have one though!

It is open on the weekends Friday-Sunday through March 5th.

Off to Boulder on Sunday.....should be fun!



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