Dutch Blue & White


     Happy weekend!

 On this cold but sunny day I
wanted to share some of my
Dutch blue and white china
in honor of my Mom who
passed away two years ago.
This was Mom's teapot and 
  I must have inherited my love
               of all things tea from my sweet Mama.
       In the last 10 years of her life we
       shared afternoon tea almost every
day. I miss those tea times.

                                                                         A delft plate from a good friend
                                                                         that also reminds me of Mom.

                                                               The beautiful linen towel was a
                                                                thoughtful gift from a couple of
                                                                lovely ladies from Europe who
                                                                came and toured our garden with
                                                                me one summer day.
                                                                  The sweet little tea cups were a
                                                                 thrift find.

                                                                    A Dutch calendar also a gift from a blog
                                                                    friend. I plan to frame this.....too nice to
                                                                    throw out!
My Dutch blue & white tea in
 memory of my sweet Mama.

                                                     I hope you all have a great weekend!

                                                                              Thank you for visiting,


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