Garden Dreaming


Hello everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your
weekend. It is a long weekend
here, as Monday is family day.
Last week with all the snow storms
school was cancelled 4 days so it was quite
a week . 

However, with the days getting longer
and the sun stronger I find myself
doing a little garden dreaming
over a cup of tea and a
lovely new garden design book
 that I was asked to do a review on
and I am happy to have it added to 
my garden library. 

So dream along with

I love purple in the garden
so alliums are a perfect choice.


                                                                      Lots of good ideas for color
                                                                       combinations for different
                                                                       styles of gardens.

                                                             I love this book because there are over
                                                             300 pages of beautiful ideas for the garden
                                                            with a little description of each photo and
                                                             to me a picture is worth a thousand words!
                                                             My pictures don't do the book justice but I
                                                             really recommend this book to all you
                                                             gardeners out there.

                                                                              Garden Design
                                                                                          A Book of Ideas

                                                                                      by  Heidi Howcroft  &
                                                                                                   Marianne Majerus.

                                                                                                            A Firefly Book
                                                            It is available on Amazon but I am sure many local
                                                            book stores have it as well.

                                                               Transferware tea cup and pretty purple

Now, for a little garden dreaming
from our garden.

   I love lupins and look forward to their
return every year.

Peonies are so beautiful and
we have them spread all around
our garden .
I love the abundance of blooms
in the late July garden.

Are you dreaming of your garden too.....
maybe staring to count the days until
you can get out there?

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