It seems like everyone is painting walls white and kitchens gray.  

Until now.

I am here to tell you that gray is done.

I don't mean that in a "What!  I just painted everything gray" kind of done but it might be time to retire the obsession.

You knew it couldn't last forever people.....trends come and go and when I don't get excited about seeing a pretty gray kitchen then I know I'm ready to move on.....

So what's next?  I think ivory and beige are going to make a comeback.  

"WHAT......builder beige!"  I know......stab me in the eye.

I can just see all of you with your arms crossed and a scowl on your face right now so simmer down and lets see if I can open your minds a little.

Nancy Braithwaite
I have probably pinned this room a million's just so dreamy

Beautiful softness here....see how pretty white and cream work together!

The talented Lauren Liess

And how about these kitchens


Beth Webb and the color is BM China White 

Do I see a slight softening on your stance yet?

Well let me make it easy for you with a handy cheat sheets of some favorite neutrals.

Here is a neutral dining room with ivories......and let me say this..... to make it work you need to add some black and green......

More cream accents......


Are you just not buying it?  I know....I was on the gray and white bandwagon pretty strong.  But we have to keep it fresh right!

Be open to change:)



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