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Home Gardenin - Reduce yard waste Chipper and Shredder Make Compost Fast and volume

Garden and Yard waste are the things that the big compost and mulch. For this you can add the vegetable waste from your kitchen. Chipper / shredders not only materials to make compost faster, reducing the volume by up to 10 times.

The chipper / shredder was once a power tool only of interest to people with large properties or serious gardeners who like to cook up a batch of compost from time to time.

But now is the landfill problem has suburban homeowners looking at chipper / shredder and its evolutionary cousin, the chipper vacuum.

of chopper-vac is the first truly new piece of power equipment in the years to come together. Looking something like a lawn mower with a slide associated with it (or a mechanical aardvark), is used in three ways:

around the yard like a lawnmower operated, sucks on leaves and chop them in a attached pocket. Chopped leaves break much faster in compost that whole ones.

The sides slide is an entry point for branches of up to three inches in diameter Chipping. These chips are good mulch to landscape plants.

An optional hose connection sucks leaves and rubbish from under bushes and along walls and hedges, where a lawn mower can not be pushed.

A wide range Hack / shredder is for different size jobs, which is up of electrical units for the small courtyard to large gasoline-powered ones available that chomp a brick and still keep ticking.

most are units on wheels that allow stand upright, material supplied in the above, although in at least one model having a funnel which rests on the ground and allows leaves raked.

The pressure on America's landfills, chipper / shredders can soon find their place in the garage next to the lawn mower as turbines nearly everyone must possess

. Source: National Garden Association

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