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The local food movement going strong at its peak and summer are many attempts to sample local delicacies. Nature lovers must be careful that some foods from the earth consuming can carry high costs.

"This is the time when Mother Nature is at her best, so we have to be extra careful not to eat poisonous plants," said Ruth Lawrence, MD, professor of pediatrics and neonatology Golisano Children's Hospital at the University of of Rochester Medical Center and medical director of the Ruth A. Lawrence poison and Drug information Center.

Your Garden

With native plants know to be sure, toxic, which are knowing. If some plants are questionable, take cuttings to a conditioning specialist and ask for identification. Resources include Poison Help Hotline at (585) 273-4155 or Cornell Cooperative Extension of garden helpline, open from 9 am to noon, Monday to Friday, at (585) 473-5335. Write names of plants and keep the list handy.

food for consumption crops

It is certain that fruit to say, vegetables and legumes, which are sold for consumption, are a wealth of nutrients, including valuable vitamins and antioxidants okay to eat, in fact, and create, to prevent the disease.

avoid eating the fruit pits

pits from peaches, cherries and many other fruits are poisonous. Be sure to cut the pit or eat around it. Dispose of the pit in a place where no children or animals, a hold there.

Beware of tempting Wild Berries

With attractive, colorful berries come to bear poisonous plants such as yew shrubs and lily-of-the-valley, they ensure that children do not know to eat berries, unless an adult has approved as safe to eat.

they do not bring your children to grow crops to eat

When it comes to children about what fruits, vegetables or legumes are safe to eat, they take no chance to the Enlightenment.
they let children know that they avoid any wild plants, need to eat or fungi that they see on the farm, the. The park or the woods
decorative plants in the house are also not tasty. If it is a particularly potent plant in the house, you might want to consider it. Out of a plastic Swapping look-alike

The plants, seeds and bulbs

remember high and out of reach of children

children that even if they eat with the birds or animals that a to see plant that it could be toxic to humans remains.

if you or someone you know, weakness, dizziness dehydrated to feel, starts have an upset stomach or show other signs of discomfort or discomfort after a fruit, vegetable or legume consuming that directly from a questionable source , call the poison and Drug information Center has come.

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