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could these sunglasses as throwbacks from the views 190s to style it, but they have technology from NASA scientists developed , while both by NASA and the US Department of Agriculture-funded research.

as you can see, our tax dollars are hard at work developing useful technologies. The lenses are efficient, but we would not expect NASA to put soon out of work at any time all fashion designers.

The lenses have stressed you spot lawn or green close up or at a distance, to correct to react with a lot of time unhealthy conditions before they would be clear to the un-aided human eye.

These shades are cool enough to the beach and high-tech enough to see if your grass to wear or Green fights long before seen by the naked eye.Plants can look different under water stress, and these glasses will help trouble spot. Often used by lawn care companies, they also work well for your own lawn. The cost is $ 69.99 for Clean Air Gardening.

How it works

The specially designed lenses block green color reflected by chlorophyll in healthy lawn and plants, making it black to look or gray.

as the human eye to light in the green color range is extremely sensitive, any off-green colors that stand as glowing against the black background could be caused by disease, water or pests red, coral, pink or other colors , In this way, problems lawns and plants can be identified quickly, much sooner than you would see it with the naked eye.

The best part is, of course, as you can feel as cool as someone running around in Blu-blocker while you examine your lawn and plants.

Who knows you by wearing a pair of these to start a local trend!

Everyone else is wearing might end because they are so in an ironic way, "cool", but you will have the last laugh because you will use them as they are intended, and not, as wear fashion victim.

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