DIY Lighted Peace Sign Wreath

I have spent the whole last week decking our halls for Christmas and working on a ton of little projects. And so today I am  happy to finally be able to sit down at my computer and share something with you. I made this festive lighted peace sign wreath and hung it up in my bedroom window.

Every year I like to get a little crafty and come up with a fun and unique projects to add something extra to our home for the season. This wreath actually didn't cost me a penny to make. I made it one afternoon with items I already had on hand. I'm just in love with how cool it turned out. 

So to make my peace sign wreath, I took a piece of thick cardboard and laid it on the floor.  This cardboard was from a large package I once received and kept it in our garage, knowing one day I'd have a use for it

Next, I laid my rattan mirror (from Target) on top of the piece of cardboard to trace out a circle.  Any large circular item you have laying around your home should work fine, or I'll share another method in just a bit. 

Using a level, I traced around it to create the inner peace sign lines.
Now for the inner circle, I tacked a piece of string to the center of the circle, then tied a marker to the other end of the string creating a compass.  I left a mark as I circled around the cardboard.  
Note: This method could also be done to create the outside of the circle, rather than trace a mirror or other object.

Once my peace sign was all drawn, I cut it out with a box cutter.

My mother-in-law gave me her old broken Christmas tree, so I cut off some branches and it was just what I needed for this project.  However, any kind of branches or garland should work fine.  I actually was at first going to use the small wreaths from the dollar store. I started taking them apart  and turning them into garlands, but then my mother-in-law told me about her broken tree, so I used that instead.  
I attached the branches to the peace sign with some wire. And the last step was to add lights.  These were a strand of 100 lights that I simply just wrapped around the whole wreath.

I decided to hang my new wreath in the window above my bed.

It looks so pretty all lit up at night too. 

I'll be back soon to share more of this room with you as well as the rest of our home decorated for the holidays, so stick around!

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