A Winter's Day


                                                                                 Hello everyone,

                                                         We had another big snowfall last week and
                                                          this is how our garden looked early in
                                                          the morning. The white birch tree was
                                                          bend over to the ground with the weight
                                                          of the snow.
                                                          I did say I hoped we had snow before Christmas
                                                          but maybe I should be careful what I wish for!
                                                          I do love the beauty of the garden in winter though.

                                         Our little Gardener's Cottage blanked with snow.

                                                                 This really old russet apple tree keeled
                                                                 over and the roots came right out of the
                                                                 ground. This tree was already old when
                                                                 we bought our home 40 years...yikes can
                                                                 it already be that long ago???
                                                                 Our children and now grandchildren loved
                                                                 to climb this tree and many pictures have been taken
                                                                 with them in it. Sad to see it end up as firewood.

                                                               I quickly took these photos just before hopping
                                                               in the car to drive to Quebec city where we were
                                                               meeting friends for a short holiday.  It was a beautiful
                                                               drive but thankfully it was not this snowy all the

                            My neighbors house always looks so pretty
in the snow. 

                            I have lots of photos to share of Old Quebec
                                      all decked out for Christmas. It was well worth the
10 hour drive to get there!
                        It had rained here while we were away so
                much of this snow is already gone....
do I dare wish for more?

Thank you for popping in!


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