I feel like the world has kept a secret from me.

What am I talking about you ask?

Mad Men.  Yep.....I remember all the fuss about it but I guess I was too busy developing my obsession with pillows to take note:)

Well that's too bad because this show has captured my attention like no other.  I was looking for something to binge on over the weekend and decided to watch one episode.

Stop the world.....because I am obsessed with Don Draper.  What a complicated moody man...looking for perfection and happiness but seemingly sabotaging it at every turn.

The fashion, the decorating......and the way the 60's saw women.  Dayum....were we that simple?

I highly recommend this one even though I am only through episode 10 of 13 in Season One.  I could not be more excited that there are seven seasons for me to get through.

On Friday I had a pretty big curtain install so I'm going to give you the down and dirty on window treatments!

Let's start with the family room....

This room has a beautiful view and lot's of windows.  If I just filled it up with furniture it would still look and feel a little cold.

My choice in this room is using scrim...which by definition is a light gauzy fabric.  Think sheer linen.....something to keep it cozy but still let the light in.

Now here is the advantage of this keeps the cost down.  Fabric price is reasonable and the labor [no lining] stays moderate. So it's a

I normally use a white linen but with all of these windows I decided to do a flax color for a little added coziness.  

Let's move to the little boys room.  He is not quite 4.

I wanted to use something that he could grow with since this was a pretty big treatment.  

I selected this cotton gray pinstripe with the blue trim and used a sturdy traverse rod [they were blackout lined] so they would be easier to open and close.  We also painted the rod to blend in.

But there was a slight problem....

After they were hung I notice this.....we were all perplexed.  Why?  Well after much discussion and using a level we found out that there was a slight slope in the floors.

It's fairly common.  Moving the rod up would make the rest of the curtains "highwater" right?

We also moved the pins up as high as we could but it just wasn't perfect.

So I called Sudi.  Help!

This is true customer service.  She took the hem out and fixed it so fast!

OK...on to the next room.....master bedroom.

Cream fabric with this pretty Samuel and Sons trim.

Check out the different heights of the windows in this room.'s never easy:)

These are a little wrinkled because they hadn't been steamed yet.

It was also move in day so things were a little crazy!

The chandelier was hung in the bathroom.....!

Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas.....Hard to believe it's over already :)

I'm headed to Orange Theory.....trying to stay on track through the holidays! 



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