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Palms make wonderful indoor plants.They do for a single internal location.Keep a dislike in your room for a few days to a lot of light and can not be directly find a place sunlight.SO that some light, but is not too strong light.It always better two palms to keep plants and then placed outside, but not in direct sunlight.Bring you outside to replace them, the plants.A is to change common palm palm Areca or the golden feather palm, botanically known as -. Areca Iutescens [1945010[

Caryota (fishtail palm)
The leaves of this palm triangular leaflets have that tails.It look like fish needs a locatiopn as light as possible, but not always in direct sunlight.It always needs a temperature of 15 ° C (59 ° F), preferably much higher and regular watering.Never let the potting soil dry out, but do not let the plant in water either stand.

Areca Lutescens
the leaves of young plants are more floppy and irregular, but they are more stable and regular as they older.Areca comes from Madagascar, where it is usually warm and so the golden Fiederpalme is therefore not suitable to grow at a low temperature. Put in a warm place, where even the night temperature below 15 ° C (59 ° F) are not covered .Areca grows best in a lighted place from noon sun.Water the plant regularly, but do not need too much water.

Washingtonia filifera (Desert Fan Palm, Pettycoat plant): The leaves are like a fan.Threads folded from the edge along the entire length of theleaf form curls.In Summers, water in the plant generous and released in winter will not let the soil dry out completely.Feed occasionaly.This palm the cold better than the head.It tolerate should not be kept in direct sunlight, although some light for priper growth is essential.

intertwine Kentia palm (Howeia forsteriana)
Your long leaves and a fan of elegent foliage.It loves a bright spot, but definitely not the afternoon sun.It need plenty of water.

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