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Home Gardenin Plant identification Competition in the Wilson County Garden Day -

The Plant Identification Competition (PIC) is scheduled on March 6,2010 organized at the Wilson County garden day.

participation is for all plants ID Teams open. , The top-scoring system ID team is a coupon for $ 500 Alternate in the South Texas School Plant Sale and another $ 500 coupon to win a participating of several kindergartens to use.

The second rank scorer will receive team two $ 250 gift certificates. All other participants, who organize a team for a drawing into consideration when two $ 100 vouchers awarded.

specify the eligibility criteria, the participating organizations must have at least 10 members and have a bonafide garden beautification or gardening education project for a town in Wilson planned, Atascosa, Bexar, Guadalupe, Gonzales, Karnes or Frio Counties.

facilitate a call from Calvin Finch at 210-233-3649 would receive one side application. It also includes a brief description of the proposed project and the name of the proposed plant ID team. In return, you get a list of 100 plants obtained are selected 25 of them in the competition.

sponsors of Wilson County Garden Day Plant ID Contest include the San Antonio Water System, Wilson County News, Milberger Nursery, Garden South Texas Garden Show, Klup radio and the participating area nurseries. More information can be derived from http://www.wilsoncountynews.com/form.php?id=26

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