Can it be Friday already?  I kind of had a 2 day work week and it was pretty nice.......although it does nothing for my 10 page "to do" list.

So fall fashion....I did a lot of my purchasing back on Labor Day weekend so I am slowing pulling out things muttering "holy cow I bought some stuff...."

But y'all know I like to keep it basic and pretty simple so there isn't much thought process when pulling things to wear.  

When I was getting my outfits together for the 7 events [House Beautiful sponsor parties] it was black and white and variations of black on black HA HA!

Matthew Quinn remarked "Oh hi Sherry....more #blackandwhite....?  Why yes Matthew there is enough color in this house so I want to stand out :)"

Just saying....

So here we go.....

I bought 2 of the Teddy sweaters at J Crew Factory [buy one get one free!] while in Florida.  The green earrings and small clutch are from Banana are the pants!  This is a great day to night with the addition of the green don't cha think?

A little more shopping in Florida at J Crew Factory!  The puffer vest in black and the loafers [which are very comfy!] I bought the tortoise earrings from J Crew and were only 19.50!

Denim shirt is from J Crew Factory and pants  [which I have] and bag are from Banana Republic


OK....this one is pretty easy too! The sweater is from J Crew Factory, and the black coat, the scarf  the earrings are from J Crew.  The shoes and pants are from Banana Republic....always wait for the sale!

What is hotter than booties this fall?  I mean....
The black sweater coat I bought last year at J Crew Factory and I might need to get another as I have it on heavy rotation! Bag, jeans, t shirt, booties....thinking hard about these!

And this one might scare you....

Yes.... I bought at DSW.  It wasn't much of an investment as they are quite trendy right!  And....then I had to research to actually see the best way for me to wear them cause I was a little worried.  I know what you are thinking.

I'm too old.  Nah.....I'm going for it!

I tried on a furry jacket and it was ridiculous.  Not for me.

Then I saw this on LIKE to KNOW it Fashion_Jackson.  I think I can pull this one off.  

I ordered the coat....I had some credits and decided to take back another coat I had purchased so I wasn't out that much!  The sunglasses....the jeans....the purse

I'll let you know when the coat arrives and we will discuss.  I did wear them last night to meet my sister and her husband for dinner with jeans, white t shirt, and a leather jacket.  I felt pretty good until my sister started singing...."these boots are made for walking....."

And laughed.



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