Orange & White Bedroom

Happy March! 
As we get closer to Spring, I love to add color and bring new life into our home. The other day I cleaned up my bedroom and added pops of orange throughout the room. I thought it looked cute and so I wanted to share it with you today.

These Curtains are really cool because when the sun shines through them at certain times of the day, they cast a warm glow around the room. I wish I could have picked it up in my pictures because it looks really pretty.

All of the white in the room is a great contrast to the bright orange. I like to add lots of white pillows to our bed because I think they add a fresh, clean and comfy look.

I also added a piece of orange and white fabric to the bed to bring in a little more of the orange color. I love this fabric and I wish I had more of it because for whatever reason this fabric looks "coastal" to me and you already know how much I love coastal style.

Every time I share pictures of our bedroom, I like to remind you about our fake plank wall.  I drew those lines on with a pencil and it ready does look like shiplap from a distance. 

 And then I added an orange blanket to cover our papasian chair. I just shared this chair in our living room, but I moved it back up to our bedroom because I like it better up here.

I wanted to give our bedroom a little bit more of that coastal look, so I hung my seashell chime above our window and then I brought in some fun accessories like the palm tree candle holder and the awesome little seashell lamp. 

Anyway,  I just thought I'd share how our room looks currently.
It's fun to play around with color and change things up.
I hope that I have inspired you in some way today.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Peace & Love,


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