When I posted about my colonoscopy I am afraid I might have been too negative and possibly scared a few of you away:)

I reader of my blog sent me an email politely reminding me that although it's not a fun procedure it saves lives and I guess I had forgotten why I had it done to begin with.

When I turned 50 my doctor started gently urging me to have one [that is the recommended age].  As the years went on that gentle urging became a little more forceful but I still didn't do it.  I can be stubborn.

It wasn't until I turned 60 that I went....yes it took me 10 years.  Just like many of you.....I hate to go to the doctor....I guess because I am always scared of what the news will be.  

So.....if you don't go then you are probably assured to get bad news.  

The first time I did have some polyps that they removed [which were benign] but that meant I had to do it again in 5 years.   This time I had one.

So let this be my's not that bad.  Definitely not fun.....but it might help save your life.

There....don't say I did't try to help out.

Just a cute black and white bathroom from my good friend Julie Holloway today!  Hold on to your hats cause I feel this one was designed just for me!

This mirror.....

Everything in this shot...the window treatment and that chair.....GAH.

Her signature gallery wall with vintage art.

This chair is total perfection! are a rock star!  You can see this at the Serenbe Showhouse right now!  

I'll have more pictures on Friday....I know #showhousecity lately!

See ya Friday gang!



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