I am sure you have heard of Soul Cycle.   We got our own studio here which opened on Sat and a friend of mine called and said let's go on Sunday morning.

MOST of my friends know that Sunday's are sacred to me.  I get to sleep in and then like to watch Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley.  It is my one day a week to have a relaxing morning :)

But.....I said yes.  If you have read this blog for a while you know I like to try new exercise studios and report back.

I walked in and stopped for a moment.  "Is this the under 30 class?"  Crikey I was the oldest person which always pisses me off.

My text below.

No worries....I will show these little girls how it's done because I have been spinning for 20 years.


I walked in the room [it's pitch black] and felt like Helen Keller trying to navigate looking for my bike.  They are placed about 12 inches apart and I kept getting punched in the gut with handlebars.

I am sad to report that I had to go out and get someone with a flashlight to help me.  First hint that I am old and possibly don't belong there.

The class was least 50 people and once she turned on the music we were standing up for the first 20-25 min....... that was when I realized I might be in trouble.  Hint: always sit on the back row and they won't know if you take a seat for a sec....or maybe two.

But I made it and next time I will cut my t-shirt off to show my abs and wear my hair in a top knot to blend in......just saying.  Hee haw.

Here is something I am good at!
Shopping at Scott's.

Starting with pillows.

Something for everybody....

Some incredibly gorgeous rugs!

Vintage rug....I liked it on both sides!

Art by Scott Kerr


My friend bought this for her clients DR table....

Wanted these bowls below but they were sold:(

Pretty light fixture....

Nice fabric!

I know you saw something you wanted!

OK kids....
I'll be back on Friday which is the beginning of the holiday weekend!  Whoop.



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