Y'all I went to get an updated headshot the other day.....and I have to say it was right up there with trying on bathing suits. 

It's one thing to look in the mirror everyday and pretend that you still look 40 and a complete reality check to see your face right there on the big screen in all it's "oldness".......

So I went to this guy and he was good and all but when I was looking at them I felt like I looked like a "banker" [no offense to bankers] but that is just not me.  

I then called a friend of mine Tina Rowden [cause she used to do a lot of weddings and I thought she would be able to make me look like Cindy Crawford]  and she definitely captured my personality but still....why can't I just use the one I had taken 10 years ago....

A few weekends ago my friend Michael Ladisic was having a breakfast at his house for the Shutze winners.

I was there all day on Saturday zhushing that puppy up!

You remember this one right?  Yeah I like to pretend it's my house when I'm there....but of course there is that one small problem.....of his wife :)

This is the courtyard.....

The committee had beautiful flowers everywhere!


Beautiful kitchen designed by Matthew Quinn.

If you remember they have 4 girls.....this is her closet where I hung all the family pictures!

Every pillow was perfect and all throws were casually thrown in their places as if they are always that way:)

Then it was over and I had to go back to my little cottage.....

And....the very best thing that happened to me all week is this....

My nephew and his wife had a baby.  I can't look at this picture without crying.....he lived with me for 3 years while in collage and I am so proud of the man he has become.



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