A Victorian Garden Tea


I hope you are enjoying your weekend.
It is a beautiful calm evening and I
decided to set up my tea table in the
Allee Garden.
                                                                This old wicker set has a very victorian look
                                                                 and I think it suits our garden style.

         In the center of the Allee Garden there is a pergola that my
husband built last year so I set up under it.

                                                                  Of course, I had to shoot from the
                                                                   four different angles so you could
                                                                   see the different views of the garden.
                                                              The Allee Garden has a row of
                                                               Six Hills Giant Nepeta down
                                                               each side....the bees love it and
                                                               I as well. We put a wire support
                                                               in behind it to keep it from flopping
                                                               back into the beds.

                                                                      Blue and white china and linens
                                                                      always look so fresh.


Before you go I have a beautiful bouquet
fresh from the garden today for you!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your


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