So I am out in Boulder again.....crazy huh!  

Checking up on #fieldcourt and helping Cari with a staging project for a new listing she got.

Now I'm no stager because of course you have to know where to stop and that is a small problema for me.  

Styling...why yes....thank you I'm in! 
Staging...huh?  Big difference.

But I am always up for a challenge and the way this one came about is a pretty good story:)

Before the kitchen dining area.....

I should start with telling you that we had the whole inside of the house painted white [was previously BM Grant Beige].  Of course I am always down with that but it's amazing how much it brightened up!

We ordered a few new light fixtures which I will have more pictures of later.

Before of the laundry room


This house is large.....5 bedrooms.  There are a lot of beds to make and many PILLOWS to buy!  
Kinda don't hate that part:) 

Thats all the pictures I have right now....but a few updates for #fieldcourt!

It's shiplap city over here!  This is the dining room wall.....
The back staircase area....

The Cement Tile sample came.....
I'm giddy....

Floors have been sanded.

Here is a main level floor plan so you can see how the spaces are laid out!

Back in Atlanta....

A gorgeous wine room almost completed on a project...

This mantel is perfection!

Again with the Circa Lighting Monrovia Star pendant [I know stop me!]  and some pretty Romo grasscloth in a powder room.

And the cutest puppy in the world:)



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