Touches of Aqua in The Boathouse


                                                                           Happy weekend!

                                                        It is hard to believe that this is the last
                                                        day of March already but I am happy to
                                                        welcome April.  Hopefully, later in April
                                                        I will be out in the garden doing early
                                                        garden cleanup. I am sure some of you
                                                        are already out there if you are in a
                                                       warmer zone then we are.

                                                                I am also looking forward to getting
                                                       the Boathouse cleaned up for spring as the
                                                       sunshine warms it up.
                                                                      Today , I thought you might like to
                                                                      see some aqua touches in the Boathouse.
                                                                        The aqua/ blue mat adds a splash of

The Boathouse is small with a
sitting area on one side and a
sleeping area on the other.
There is also a small loft for
the grandchildren and the tiny
conservatory on the back which
faces south. 

You can see a glimpse of the loft
in the above photo.

               Aqua pillows and the sailboats
give a summery look.
      This is one of my favorite
     spots to relax with a book
               as I enjoy the view of the pond.

                                                                        The old wooden church door
                                                                         is painted an aqua /blue as well.
       Love this pillow as it is
     so appropriate for our
peaceful Island.

                                                                      The Boathouse

                                                 I hope you have a great weekend and
                                                            thanks for stopping by.


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