Colors of Spring


     Happy Spring!

            Winter is officially over and I am
                 happy to welcome spring and I think
you probably are too!
           Our springs here are a bit slow to
               arrive weatherwise but I am enjoying
             the longer evenings and the promise
             of spring blossoms and birds happily
                  building nests and singing away in the
                       For now, I am busy trying to get my spring
                    cleaning done and this year that involved
                  lots of painting as it was time to refresh
    and make some color changes.

     To welcome spring I gathered some
     pretty pastel photos from my stash.
I love pretty pastels in spring and

       So looking forward to our lilacs
blooming again.

These mauve/lilac colors speak
of spring to me.

Tea in the sunroom.

Soft and pretty

                                                                      Touches of spring in the
                                                                      Aqua is one of my favorite
                                                                             Romantic pink and white.
                                                                    Blue and white is always
                                                                    fresh and clean.
                                                                           Some beautiful spring bouquets.
                                                                           I am looking forward to that first spring
                                                                           bouquet from our garden.
            Bright and cheery daffodils.

                                                         Spring in Charleston a few
                                                                    years ago.
                                                                    It is our March break from school
                                                                    so I am planning on a fun day with
                                                                    our younger grandchildren here
                                                                    on Thursday. I wonder if they are
                                                                    good with a paintbrush! Ha!

                                                                    Wishing you a happy spring!

                                                                           Thanks for visiting,

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