Transferware Tea in the Sunroom


Hello everyone,

 I hope you are having a great
week. I have been  working at
          my sewing machine the last couple
                 of days. I have discovered that slipcovers
              are not easy to make but I persevere!

At the thrift shop I found a few
brown and white transferware
pieces that match some of what
I already had and love.

I had the teapot for awhile so I was
happy to find the cream and sugar
bowl that matched it.

So on a nice sunny January day
it is lovely to take a tea break
in the upstair  sunroom.

My teacups co ordinate nicely
with the teapot.

                                                                        Old fashioned sugar cookies
                                                                        are a favorite here.

                      Sunshine streaming in is so cheerful.

Tea time.

                                             I hope you are enjoying some warm
                                                        and cozy tea times at your house too!

                                                                  Thank you for visiting me!


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