I've got some good news y'all......I'm leaving for Boulder on Sunday to consult on another house!  

I am pretty darn excited with so many ideas in my head that I can't wait to share with you and them!

More on that project later cause today I have a fashion post.  What? that the holidays are over all the stores are pushing some great spring clothes!

It's no secret that I like to dress similar to my decorating style which means a good foundation sprinkled with a few trends to keep it relevant....:)

Take a look.....

Starting at Banana Republic because I think they consistently update their basics and have a reasonable price point.  Plus 40% off on a regular basis right!

Last year I bought some white flair jeans at the end of the season on sale.  These shoes have a block heal so I can wear them [3 hour window for sure though!] and I found those cute earrings at Club Monaco for 30% off right now!

Since most days I am pretty casual this outfit appeals to me!

I saw some camo sneakers at Club Monaco for over 300.00 and thought I know I can do better that that!  These are Keds and I will be ordering!

More casual wear because that is definitely 80% of my wardrobe!

Let's circle back to the white flair this top and the blue bag!

Again.....jeans because it's a no brainer.....

I love everything on this page and that Iphone cover is definitely on my list!

A few other things I liked.....
This Club Monaco black shirt cause it could definitely dress up the white flair jeans!

And there you have it!  Maybe some shopping this weekend?

I'm in the final season of Mad Men....[I think I have 5 left] and the depression is setting in.  Even though I want to slap the hell out of Don Draper saying "get it together dude".....I'm gonna miss him.



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