Winter Soliste


Hello everyone,

Since this is winter solstice and winter has officially
 started here on the Island I thought I would share
some winter photos that I took recently as we seem
to have got a head start on winter here with early snow.

On a snowy day last week I took
a little walk around a few favorite
spots in Charlottetown.

                                                                            A beautiful old church.

             Love the trees decorated on the 
streets around town.

     A peaceful stroll

                                                                             On the waterfront

                                                                           Fanningbank in winter

   Country Christmas

The full moon coming up over our woods.

                                                                         A beautiful country church

                                       The photo above was taken a couple of
                                                  weeks ago and it is a neighbors farm.
                                                  This reminds me of a winter puzzle.

                                                               Christmas is fast approaching
                                                               but I hope to do a couple more
                                                               posts before.

                                                                        Hope you are all ready
                                                                        for Christmas. I still have
                                                                       some baking to do but a
                                                                       few hours in the kitchen
                                                                       should wrap it up!



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