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Winter sowing has emerged as a new method pf garden last year. It is inexpensive, simple and used recyclables. No overhead lighting, peat pots, heating pad.

There the recyclables is very simple that we all and around the house that can be used to Mini-greenhouses , such as plastic bottles, foil and plastic take home containers lettuce or spinach container.

to , a mini greenhouse with a handle and a tilt-back cover, in the case of jug.Take create the empty water jug ​​and put four holes in the bottom for drainage , three holes around the upper air circulation in the greenhouse to be.

with a sharp knife, cut around the gallon jug into slices to the start page go directly to the bottom of the handle and around three quarters of the way. You end up with vents at the top, drainage holes on the bottom to the top, and the grip handle and back, a mini greenhouse You can then fill with potting soil and seeds.

Let left tilting seeds on the ground and cover easily or the seeds on the ground. Water, replace the cap on the top, glue the cut side closed, put a label on the bottom and put your greenhouses on the deck, patio, below deck stairs or on the picnic table for the winter.

The seeds fell and many other seeds that have fallen by some of your annuals or perennials Winter sowing for next spring. More details on this process visit wintersowing.org instructions and lists of flowers and vegetables, which you can use for this method.

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