Home Gardening Safety Tips for Gardening with arthritis

Home Gardenin Safety Tips for Gardening with arthritis -

Spring is here and how we the month of April, many people have begun [1945008approaching] planting and care for their flower and vegetable gardens . In recognition of April to be occupational therapy month, Houshang Seradge, MD and the therapists at the Orthopaedic Institute aims to enjoy someone help arthritis questioned gardening by these basic tips for joint protection and body mechanics application .


Pay attention to your body. You may need to change one of the following; reduce

  • spent
  • time in the garden
  • Change positions often
  • reduce pressure tools applied to the garden [
  • Take a 10 minute break every hour


Keep your joints safely by following

  • Lift from your leg and hip muscles not your back with.
  • memory tools and objects within reach between shoulders and hips commonly used.
  • Insert instead of bending, if possible
  • to avoid plant raised beds or place pots on the tables turn.
  • Use tools with large handles.
  • Pillow tool handles with non-smooth material.
  • gloves
  • to use a knife or scissors to open packages.


Select Dig a 2-3 ft area, rake, hoe and plant. Then go to another 2 ft area.

"Many people put Occupational with" work "," Dr. Seradge explained. "In fact, he refers to the daily activities that want to run a child or adult needs or. Occupational therapists provide valuable preventive education and injuries to help treat people, their desired level of activity hold" adds Seradge.

The Orthopedic Institute , founded in 1980, by Dr. Houshang Seradge, is a comprehensive Oklahoma City orthopedic care centers, in a single location. Orthopaedic Institute physicians are at the leading edge of their respective fields in orthopedics, hand surgery, spine surgery, rheumatology, neurology and pain management. OI treats all musculoskeletal conditions through the use of modern techniques in orthopedic care. Doctors in OI of supporting patients to a healthy lifestyle are back.

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