Home Gardening Crop in the White House: A Brief History

Home Gardenin Crop in the White House: A Brief History -


Jefferson (1801-1809) hired the first White house gardener, who was also responsible for a "kitchen" garden for growing. But it was not until 1825, when John Quincy Adams became president, that the vegetable garden and surrounding grounds began to flourish. Adams was a nursery for tree seedlings and a two-acre garden filled with vegetables, herbs and fruit trees, and flowers, shrubs and shade trees.


In the 1840s, had a new kitchen garden was southwest of the White House planted. The revenue for the seeds show that Lincoln enjoyed and his wife, Mary Todd, a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. The vegetable garden was in 1871 during the presidency of Ulysses S. Grant, through the construction of West Executive Avenue.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

First Lady Eleanor away Roosevelt used the White House grounds during World War II for a civilian defense program support show for homegrown fruit and vegetables produced. Under the leadership of the first lady, 10-year-old planted Diana Hopkins a demonstration "Victory Garden" in a flower bed south of the East Garden in the spring of 1943. Diana lived with her father in the White House, Harry Hopkins, adviser to the President. Diana kept to the garden throughout the summer as an example for the country.


First Lady Michelle Obama, with the help of school children planted a new "kitchen" garden last year on the lawn southwest of the White house. The garden provides fresh, seasonal produce for the first family and the White House guests. Mrs. Obama is to educate the children about the importance garden eat more fresh fruits and vegetables as part of a healthier lifestyle

Source :. National Park Service, First Lady Michelle Obama office ( Copyright 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

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