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Once they’d made headway in the redesign of their kitchen, reworking the layout and choosing new cabinetry with Kitchen Designs Unlimited of Westford she focused all the color on the backsplash for maximum impact. In the eating area, more natural Are you renovating your kitchen and running out of the right backsplash ideas for your kitchen? Backsplash is an important piece in your gourmet space that allows you to reveal a part of your personality. One must pick the right tiles that will adorn the Tiled countertops were also very popular with many travelling straight up and into the backsplash. And don’t forget the ivy! Whether you stenciled it on the wall or stuffed a plastic plant on top of the cupboards, no kitchen was complete without these backsplashes run the full length of the cabinets for aesthetics as well as functionality. Unfortunately, the designers or installers fail to notice that many kitchen designs include a window over the sink. This feature typically includes cabinets on either Maxwell Ryan is the founder of Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn, a web magazine about home cooking and kitchen design And then I had a great idea—use cutting boards as a backsplash. Wooden boards can be lovely decorative pieces, coming in more Other metals are showing up in kitchens too — copper and tin, for example, in solids or designs. Pros: Metal is easy to clean and maintain, and it's heat-resistant. It's durable too. A metal backsplash is eye-catching and can be a kitchen's focal point. .

As one of the most technological rooms in a home, a kitchen needs updating from time to time: Appliances evolve in terms of function and efficiency, styles have moved from the closed, servant-centered kitchen to today's open concept designs that put Q On one of your shows, I saw you painting an embossed tin backsplash. I love that idea, knowing that I don't have to change the whole backsplash if my color tastes change. I can just repaint. Where do I find embossed tin, and how do I paint it? A Embossed For many families, the kitchen kitchen cabinets. Consider the space, how it is laid out and how much room you have. Do you have sufficient room to add an island? Can you instal pre-made, stock cabinets or will you need to look at custom build designs. Inside of my mind the two projects finally merged, and it hit me that my kitchen already had a French Country feel to it (thanks to the Rust-o-Leum Cabinet transformation) and applying the stencil as a backsplash four different designs and narrowed .


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