Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful
Christmas . I am sorry I
didn't get back here sooner but
our internet service has been down
and yesterday a tree fell on our
power line knocking out our power
for the day but all is well now......
which is good as we are hosting our
New Years day dinner tomorrow.

While the power was out here,
I enjoyed afternoon tea with a
book by the gas fireplace while
waiting for the power to be

                                                                      I love this black and white
                                                                      transferware tea cup.

                                                                         Our Christmas table

                                                                          The second Christmas table and
                                                                          the six youngest grandchildren
                                                                          had their own little table.
                                                I wish you all a Happy New Year
                                                           filled with peace, joy, good health
                                                           and love.


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