A White Boathouse Christmas


                                                                             Hello everyone,

                                                                 We got more snow here overnight
                                                                  again this morning so it is a winter
      I didn't get around to decorating
     the Boathouse yet for this year's
  Winter/Christmas but I enjoyed
another look at these so I am
hoping you will too.
I love this old iron bed that
I bought at the 70 mile yard
   sale about 4 years ago for $15.
The door in the corner was $5.
from the same sale.
The vintage skates on the end
of the bed I painted blue and
glued fur trim onto.

                                                                      A cozy winter white tea.

                                                                      The stockings were hung!

                                                                    Fresh greens and furry throws
                                                                    and pillows.

                                                                        The Boathouse this year is already
                                                                        surrounded by a winter wonderland.

                                                               The Boathouse by our pond.....since this
                                                               photo was taken a couple of weeks ago
                                                               the pond has a skim of ice now. Hope to
                                                               be able to skate on it in January.

                                               In winter I enjoy a walk around the
                                                          pond and Boathouse and through the

                                                          I was thinking we had no worries about
                                                          not having a white Christmas but then I
                                                          heard rain is forecast for Sunday so you
                                                          never know.

                                                           I hope your Christmas preparations are
                                                           coming along nicely and you are enjoying
                                                           the season.

                                                                      Thank you for your visits and thank you
                                                                       to all who leave nice comments for me.


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