Teal Transferware Christmas Tea


            Hello everyone,

                 As many of you know I love dishes
                     of all shapes and colors but I especially
                            love transferware of all colors and the older
                         it looks all the better I like it often times. 
                   I don't often see this teal transferware
                              around here so my collection of it is smaller.

    A few touches of Christmas are
showing up in the kitchen.

                    The only marking on the 
                                      bottom of these teacups is England.

 A trip to an antique mall near
          Kennebunkport  Mainea few years
ago scored a cart full of old
      tranferware for next to nothing.

              I have a small and a large soup
tureen in this pattern

                                                                   I love these handmade sugar
                                                                   cookies that are way to pretty
                                                                   to eat! No, I didn't make them.

                         Christmas is going to be here
                         before we know it so we will
                                   make a trip to the attic soon to take
                        our tubs etc. of decorations.

                                                              A couple of days ago on a walk
                                                                         up our road I picked a small
                                                                         bouquet of flowers......not
                                                                         something that you usually see
                                                                         on Prince Edward Island this time
                                                                         of the year. However, today at times
                                                                         there were a few snow flurries so we
                                                                         know winter is on it's way!

                                                                         Happy Thanksgiving to all my
                                                                         American friends!

                                                                                          Take care,


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