Can I just put this out there before we get started.....after a kitchen reno followed by a bedroom makeover......I want a weekend where I am not thinking of how to make something work or worrying if it's going to get done on time.

Girl needs a break.

Welcome back the One Room Challenge.  Week 5.....You now realize some things might not turn out exactly like your vision.........hee haw! 

Trying to completely overhaul a room in 6 weeks is not for sissy's  

Since I've done a few of these.....this period is known as "do or die".

It would make me feel good to know that one or two of the 20 talented people above feel the same way as I do.....because as a designer there are always times when you have to improvise on a job.  I calm myself by saying....."we are not curing cancer".

Let's get started on some highs and lows of the week.

The before picture of my faucets

After with the new Kohler Purist

Purdy huh?

The lights that I ordered from Bellacor made me question my brain function.

These Hudson Valley sconces had one "arm" too many!  No how were they going to work and I had to eat crow and beg for a new selection.

They were SO nice and let me re-select.  Do you know how many sconces I had to go through on their site?  Like a million.   The verdict is still out that they arrive on time and get installed....fingers crossed.
The above lights have been there for 23 years....and hopefully to be replaced with these Hudson Valley double light sconces.  I will go from [1] 60w bulb on each side to [2] 100 watt bulbs on each side.  

Get some light up in here.....

 This Schumacher wallpaper finally came down after 20 years.....I loved it so much.
The walls were painted with Benjamin Moore Williamsburg Brand paint and the Thibaut paper went up.  The room is definitely taking on a more masculine look but I brought in some pretty towels to help with that:)

My rug from All Modern came and it was definitely a good choice!

Meanwhile I received these 2 benches from another ORC sponsor Lamps plus....

The rope covered legs will add some much needed texture in the room.  Only one minor problem.  The navy and white stripe fabric was no bueno.  So I got busy.

Lesson.....easy change with some fabric and a staple gun for instant gratification!

This happened on Monday.

Curtains to soften this big window.  Don't get me wrong.....I love my 5" plantation shutters.  They let in loads of light, give me complete blackout for sleeping and easy to operate.  

But then a little softness never hurt anybody right? Thanks Sudi:)

 The most beautiful bedding arrived from another ORC sponsor Annie Selke and I am thrilled!

And I got the chair back from the upholster but was at a loss for which fabulous pillow to put in it.  I searched Etsy but it seemed like everything I loved was being used in another ORC room.


So when I was at ADAC the other day I saw this pillow.....
AND.....realized that I wanted something graphic but also feminine.  The showroom could not tell me anything about this one [it was a little too small for me] but I felt inspired.

Headed up to one of my favorite showrooms Schumacher and rounded the corner to this brand spanking new fabric.  Tulip Flamestitch Embroidery.

I love that it has a vintage nature to it [it's actually inspired by a 1920's Schumacher fabric]. 

It arrived yesterday....yep this is me making decisions on the fly!

Texture from a throw.....

My Karastan Rug came so the old rug came up

Don't get me wrong....I love this rug and it will actually still work in the room so I will keep it around in case of a rug catastrophe from a dog 
or something :)

Last thing on the list.  This gorgeous Arteriors floor lamp arrived from another ORC sponsor ATG Stores

Only one problem.....this sucker is as tall as a pro basketball player.  Yup....not sure how I am gonna pull this off and make it work but it definitely kept me up all last night thinking about it!


It's always something.

This is it folks.....nothing more until next Wednesday when pencils down and the buzzer goes off!

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